Welcome to Spiral Healing by Raven!

Introduction to Spiral Healing by Raven! (2:11)

(Video produced by Casey Davis Photography)

Spiral Healing by Raven is an intuitive practice encompassing a wide range of modalities that Raven has learned over the years and honed in her practice. She specializes in trauma and sexual healing, boundaries creation and emotional release.

Heart and Spiral shaped candle holder on a tableSessions are holistic, individualized, and interactive. Together, you and Raven will explore and examine the things happening within both your energy field and body by utilizing the practices of chakra-based energy healing, shamanism, clairvoyance (both in the etheric/body and auric levels), past life reconnection (also called Soul Recovery), and channeling. Sessions with Raven often uncover answers about your current feelings/emotions, illnesses, symptoms, curiosities, and questions – while leaving you rejuvenated and balanced. The Work is a deep journey into yourself.

The name “Spiral Healing” comes from Raven’s belief that healing is cyclical; That memories, feelings, and emotions continue to come up in deeper ways as we explore and heal, and that going beneath the surface as things arise are how we move forward. Spiral Healing integrates your past, present and future.

I am constantly working on my own “spiral healing.” Finding myself in patterns that do not serve me or needing release from my mind, body and/or spirit. If you are finding yourself in toxic, unhealthy or just curious spirals of your own — now might be the time to begin the process of unpacking and unwinding them with support.

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Video courtesy of DC Wellness Tree.