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Spiral Healing by Raven sessions pull from a over 30 different modalities that I have learned and been honored to uncover over the last 20 years. As an Intuitive Energy Healer and Shamanic Tour Guide, I support people in clearing and removing blockages to things that have often plagued people for decades. Together, we find answers to questions physically, emotionally, and energetically.

The work can be applied to practically every area of your life. Sessions are deep journeys into yourself that are wholistic, individualized. Whether in person or from a distance, sessions with Raven often uncover information to:

  • unhealthy emotional patterns
  • relationship attachments
  • life overwhelm
  • mysterious or current illnesses/symptoms
  • fatigue
  • anxieties

Sessions leave you with answers, feeling rebalanced and with a clearer direction for your life. I look forward to getting to know you — and am honored you are here.

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Spiral Healing by Raven

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Excited to have done my 1st in-flight hour-long session today! I love this work – and my clients!

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