Frequently Asked Questions

  • This work will change you. This is what you are seeking — to free yourself from whatever binds and have the life you desire. The clients who find me are excited to do the work because they seek hope — hope in changing their lives, shifting their depression, anxiety, hopelessness in what we see in the world and in our bodies.  Clients come to delve underneath, trauma hidden or repressed for a long time. Clients are excited to understand the WHY regarding the things are happening in their lives — and learn how to become free. Clients find removing blockages to what they desire in life to be profound.

    Spiral Healing works on ALL of you — physically, energetically, emotionally. I show up for and with you with presence and the dozens of modalities which I pull from and we work together to uncover the answers. Moving together in journey, we get to the root of what is happening for you!

  • This is a partnership. We work together. The sessions go deep and can uncover many things. Tools taught, homework and things to practice with will often be offered. Though at times, sessions can be more simple receiving of energy, more so than not, it will be important for you to see this work as a process to get you to a desired goal, outcome or life freedom.

  • No, sessions are not scary. They are gentle and meet you exactly where you are. It’s important to remember that spiral healing sessions will only go as deep or as far as you desire and authorize. It is up to my clients as to how deeply we will work. I hold high integrity on holding the strongest space for whatever will arise.

  • Timing: Please leave 2 hours for 1st sessions. Following that, a session will typically last 1 hour though they can be 1.5, 2 hours or longer intensives. Check-in’s might be available as well. All session types can be done both from a distance wherever you are — or in-person in whatever locality I am in.

    Frequency of sessions: Some clients come regularly while the are going through a particular period and would like to work through a particular issue. Other  clients come weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually.

    Location: In-person sessions are typically held in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC — or wherever in the world I am located!  I am in Costa Rica for a few months of the year and visit other cities to see clients when requested. For an additional fee, I may also be able to come to your home, city  — or country – upon request!

  • You will find each session to be different. We will talk about what brought you to the session, what you would like to address and any questions you have. We might talk about possible paths to work on and clarify your questions.

    You will then lie on the table or space you are in at home and get comfortable. There could be soothing music — or silence. You will close your eyes and do meditative breathing while I tap into your auric and energy fields for information. Meditative touch focused around the chakras in your body. During the session, you will lie, breathe — and we might check-in on what is going on for you. It is different for each person. Some people rest, sleep others feel things, see colors/visions/shapes or even images. What you will experience is individual to you and differs on a session-by-session basis.

    If touch is not something you are comfortable with, the information can be gleaned by hands away from the body. What modalities used can incorporate any of the services listed below on this page.

    After the session, I will share what was revealed and we will have time to discuss. You can ask more questions. And, I will share tools and homework for you to enhance your learning from the session at home. From there, sessions will vary depending on what you bring into the session to work with or where we left off the time before. Your active participation will be important as this work is a co-creation.

    Support post-session is available.


  • This work is a deep dive. It gets real very fast. It is not superficial or *just* about love and light. This work holds you with strong light and love — and it also goes deep into — to really get at the root causes of challenges you face.  We delve into areas that might be deemed as “dark” with curiosity, love, humor, light and strong holding of whatever is found to be looked at.

    I hold a wide bandwidth for anything you bring to our work. I hold it strongly and solidly, while maintaining a defined safe space for ALL of you to do your work.

    People who come to Spiral Healing by Raven want their lives to change. They are ready. They know the work can be done from anywhere!

  • Everyone’s experience is different and you will experience change and/or something new. Each session differs for each person — every time! Some see colors, hear sounds, see visions. Most find deep rest, relaxation and calmness. Your session will be individual to you. The more sessions you have the more aware you will become. Sometimes the work is subtle and sometimes it can be quite deep. The sessions are an exploration of your own body, path and intuition.

    You may experience shifts and change both during the session and in integration post-session. Leave time after your session for rest, processing and this integration, where possible.

  • Anything! Come with curiosity. Come with questions. Come with mysterious ailments, emotional habits or things you want to work on. They can be about low energy, traumatic experiences, unhealthy emotional patterns, phobias, anxieties and so much more. You might want to do some clearing or exploring about a relationship or do some cord cutting at the end of one.

    We can seek information to answer specific questions or surrender to what is in your highest interest in each moment.

    Some clients come with issues that they are dealing with now in the short-term (physical illness and issues, stresses, emotions, feelings, thoughts, overwhelm), others with longer term questions about life and future direction. Some just are open to what arises. There is no one single format. The journey we embark on depends on you and what you are interested in exploring. As a guide, I can help you identify various starting points and check-in along the way.

  • Spiral Healing is an addition to the things you have in your life to care for your well-being. It is a complement to the other practices you engage in whether they are mental or physical health services, nutrition, etc. This is another aspect of taking care of yourself and living into your full passion, power and joyous life. Spiral Healing assists you to balance and achieve your highest potential.

  • Simply you and your curiosity to explore and grow. It is important that you are open to the work. Like any kind of personal exploration, what you give to the process and are open to receive will enhance your experience. This is not just me doing a reading — it is a co-created journey we join together — so come prepared to jump in with me!

  • Spiral healing is unique because it brings together many approaches and modalities not often seen together. It is simply a unique experience that must be felt and lived to really understand. I always tell clients that the work is non-linear — and that it’s not only felt and understood by the mind. It is a full body, mind, energy body, spirit experience! Are you ready?