Terms of Service

By choosing to engage in Spiral Healing sessions with Raven, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Spiral Healing by Raven provides intuitive and energy healing modalities which are used for stress reduction, relaxation, and spiritual and metaphysical expanse.  Rhonda Raven Neuhaus is not a licensed medical practitioner, and does not diagnose medical conditions, nor does she prescribe or perform medical treatment or interfere with the medical treatment of a licensed professional. Spiral Healing sessions are complementary to any medical care you may receive – both psychological and physical – and do not take the place of professional medical care. Raven and Spiral Healing by Raven are not liable for any damages, losses or imperfections in your mind, body, or behavior.
Intuitive readings and spiritual coaching sessions are offered for the purposes of spiritual development, advisement, and healing, and in no way constitute – nor are intended to replace – medical, psychological, legal, financial, business or other advice. Raven does not answer questions or provide counsel on matters pertaining to medical, psychological, financial, or legal issues. The content and outcomes of the sessions are open to your interpretation, and the results and predictions are not guaranteed.

Cancellation Policy

Twenty-four hours notice is required for all appointment cancellations. If less than 24 hours notice is given, payment in full will be required for the missed appointment.

Expectations on the Day of your Session

Please arrive on time for your appointment. Time is charged from your appointment time not from the time your session begins.

Changes to Terms of Service Policy

Spiral Healing by Raven reserves the right to update its Terms of Service policy at any time without notice. In the event that changes to this policy affects the services promised in an already established service agreement with a client, Spiral Healing by raven will honor the terms of the policy as it was written at the time of the service agreement. In such a circumstance, Spiral Healing by Raven is only liable to abide by the terms and conditions of the previous Terms of Service policy until the conclusion or termination of the specified service agreement.