A range of possible workshops are available to be offered to individuals, groups, organizations, women’s groups or at festivals. They can be anywhere from an hour’s brown bag lunches or breakout sessions to daylong or perhaps longer. Workshops are created upon request as well and can extend from the majority of my services. If something intrigues you and you’d like to explore a possible gathering, contact Raven.

Examples of Offerings Include:

  • What IS Spiral Healing? Let’s begin to look at the spirals of our lives, learning to experience our own mechanisms for self care/tools for the healer and opening to our own magic.

  • A deeper dive into healing in the moment. This workshop will incorporate flute, guided visualization, sharing and some mini-healing work, as it arises, to begin to work with whatever is before you in your life today.

  • individually created workshops which will allow group participants to learn about Spiral Healing and receive information, guidance and healing which will support their lives.

  • The world is changing. We have and are still flying, leaping, falling through this looking glass of time and a consciousness shift right now. This workshop is not about politics, it is about reframing this question from a human-to-human and energetic perspective. This session will allow us to explore together the questions of what we are looking to heal in ourselves and in the world.

  • For you, your friends, women’s group, etc. on intention setting for powerful manifestation. This will include energetic techniques, grounding and vision boarding as tools.

  • 2-3 hour workshop to be introduced to shamanic journeying. You will be led on a guided journey to find some of your guides. Flute and drumming will be a part of this experience. Time to debrief with the group and share, also included.

  • Raven’s life journey has brought many twists, turns, healing through multiple illnesses, and major journeys! She weaves her stories in beautiful ways. Come with your questions about your spiritual path, travels, healing, work/life integration — and she will have engaging and mesmerizing stories to share!

  • Fun, artistic and playful activity-based workshop! Come ready to talk about how to create and manifest what you desire in life over our art projects!

  • Learn and practice tools for self care and maintenance.

  • Workshops in this area can be professional development trainings and skills development to deepen advocacy being taken in this new political reality. Times change and so must how we act both for ourselves and for the causes we believe in.

    • Self Care and Healing for the Advocate: In current times, we are all responding to much stimuli in politics, the media, fighting and advocating in so many areas. Our bodies were not built for so much negativity and heavy actions and information that we are barraged with daily. This area of either group training (and individual work) will help support the individual advocate (or person) to better cope with things that come up personally and professionally. This could include bullying, the “me too” movement, national trauma raising our childhood or other life trauma.
    • Mindfulness for the Advocate: Presence, the ability to listen, check-in with oneself, know what our feelings and needs actually are remain critical aspects to advocacy work that is often missing in reactive politics and the “business-as-usual” approach to advocacy and social change. The world is a different landscape than it used to be — and we need to shift, learn and evolve with our advocacy — internally and externally.