Spiral healing sessions (in person)

Initial sessions are 1.5 hours. Following that, a session will typically last 1 hour. We will talk about what brought you here, any questions you have. You will then lie on the table, get comfortable. You have the choice if you want soothing music. You will close your eyes and do meditative breathing while I tap into your auric and energy fields for information. meditative touch focused around the chakras in your body. During the session, you will lie breathe. Some people rest, sleep others feel things, see colors/visions/shapes or even images. What you will experience is individual to you and differs on a session-by-session basis.

If touch is not something you are comfortable with, the information can be gleaned by hands away from the body.

After the session, I will share what I saw and we will have time to discuss. You can ask more questions. And, I will share tools and homework for you to enhance your learning from the session at home. From there, sessions will vary depending on what you bring into the session to work with or where we left off the time before. Your active participation will be important.

I have clients who come weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually.

Spiral healing sessions  (from a distance)

Distance sessions follow a similar pattern of a Spiral Healing journey. We will schedule an initial conversation on the phone. I will tap into your energy in journey state for a period of time. I can do the work at anytime but if you would like to schedule a specific time that can be arranged. It is ideal to set aside time to experience the session while it is occurring but not all people find this necessary. We will then talk to debrief, answer questions, provide tools/homework and conclude.

Channeling a loved one who’s passed away – $150. This specialized service can be done from a distance or in person as well (or combination of the two). Contact Raven to discuss.

Shamanic journey with only soul piece/past lives and extractions (eliminated blockages) – (pricing and timing on this will vary).

Energy re-patterning and channeling

Animal communications
Do you think your animal is acting out? Needing to tell you something? Together, we can communicate with your animals whether it is behavior related — or simply communication desires. I also am able to do energy work on your animal for whatever ails their system similar to the in-person and distance sessions (described above).

Energy healing and coaching for the non-profit professional
So many of us in the non-profit field are over-worked, burned out and stressed by the nature of the field of work. We encounter a culture where this is the expectation. But, balance is possible (I speak from experience of over 15 years in the non-profit sector). Together we will work energetically and through talking to find solutions and a plan for greater balance and harmony in your life. This work is individualized to your needs. Call me to discuss. $125/hour.

NOTE: In-person sessions are held in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. For an additional fee, I may also be able to come to your home.

PRICING and PACKAGES Available: Click for information on pricing. It is encouraged to consider packages, if you know you are interested in numerous sessions with Raven.

Please see our CANCELLATION policy here.