Spiral Healing by Raven sessions are a unique experience!

Each of the individual modalities described below can be requested and are already incorporated into the work Raven does. This work addresses so many aspects of life that we encounter by living in this world: hopelessness, depression, grief, phobias, allergies, mental health challenges and so much more. Each session brings answers, information, tools and skills into your life. The work helps unwind what is in your way on all levels of life.

For general information on Spiral Healing sessions see the About page. For more detailed questions see this FAQ page.

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Important Information About Sessions

Sessions are to be paid for upon booking. Additional time can be added and payment completed post session. Packages with open numbers of hours are recommended for keeping options open. Consult Raven regarding the ideal length of a session (following the first session which is always 1.5-2 hours).

I’m excited to be working with you and to support you on your healing path! Please note that I don’t send out reminder calls or emails so be sure to mark your calendar and set a reminder. I also wanted to make sure that you are aware that I hold a strong (24 hour) cancellation policy as I set aside the time for our sessions. Please be sure to read the cancellation policy and message me back to confirm that you have read it and agree to it.

Please let me know you have read the policies within 24 hours of scheduling your appointment so that we can be in agreement before we have our first session. It is important to me that we hold a high standard with the work that we will be doing together. I value your willingness to go deep and to trust this process and I am very much looking forward to working with you.


  • First sessions are 1.5- 2 hours. It gives us time to get to know each other, for you to feel this work and for me to get to know you. Trust is established and built upon in our first session.
  • Sessions afterwards can be 1 hour, 2 hours or longer intensives. Sometimes they can be shorter mini-sessions, though those are only available to ongoing clients as check-in’s or shorter resetting sessions.

NOTE: Most sessions are done from a distance wherever you are located. They can be done via phone, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. Spiral healing works from a distance!

In-person sessions are held wherever Raven is located, which changes. Her bases are in Maryland/DC and Costa Rica. Other trips to see Spiral Healing by Raven clients have included: Portland and Eugene, Oregon; Davis/Sacramento/Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA; Seattle, WA; Santa Fe, NM; Boston, MA; Vancouver, BC; Guatemala.  If you desire Raven to come to your home, workplace or community to offer workshops or sessions, contact her directly.

Please read my Cancellation Policy before booking a session.

Raven Incorporates the Following Modalities into her Sessions:

  • We often feel overwhelmed, off-balance, and simply not-right. This work can help get you back in your bodies, balanced and ready to get back to your life with focus, clarity and greater health.

  • Feeling blocked? Know that there’s more to the life that you seek, or used to have, and not know how to access it? This work can be extremely powerful.

  • Find answers to things seemingly without answers. Oftentimes these days doctors cannot get the complete answers 0r issues still remain. Contact me to get underneath and really figure out what is going on. This could also include Spiral Healing work that has had reportedly positive and healing effects on the physical ailments that bother you.

  • This is a wholistic energetic approach to healing and releasing sexual, physical and emotional abuse from any age.

    For those with trauma from childhood, inner-child and rebirthing work is useful. So often in our lives it is not our adult running the show but our wounded inner children. This work is a vital part of reconnecting ourselves to our strength, courage and action. Childhood trauma can impact us on physical, emotional, sexual, mental and energetic levels. Raven can help you find the exact times in your life that are blocking you in your life today. It helps us become whole and not keep playing out old patterns of our past or  having us continue to react unconsciously from decisions made in our childhood. Issues of safety, childhood abuse, bullying, parental abandonment, pain and other issues from childhood can be unwound, clarified and cleared with new awareness. These issues may be known or unknown.


  • Trained by Lakota, Cherokee and Incan Shamans, Raven has a gift for journeying to find a client’s past lives that affect her client’s lives today. She then works with them using her own honed modalities to produce profound healing. This work is clear, real, confirmed and offers deep experiences. This modality brings profound healing to areas of your life that have been blocked, stuck and where you’ve been spinning for years. Often this work can clear things clients explored using other modalities with limited success.

  • Curious about knowing what guides support you in your life? We have guides which are with us for our lives, for specific purposes or seasons in our lives. Raven can support you in seeing your guides — and can, if desired, lead you through a guided journey to see your own.

  • Learn what is happening in your relationships. If desired and needed, we can cut, unwind cords to unhealthy relationships and patterns. This can be with parents, children, partners, ex’s and more. Understand and detach from codependency or other unhealthy patterns. This work supports the client in creating healthy relationship patterns.

  • Get information on loved ones or others who have passed away.

  • Do you think your animal is acting out or needing to tell you something?  Is their behavior difficult or off (ie. getting out, whining, peeing where they shouldn’t, eating irregularly)?

    Together, we can communicate with your animals whether it is behavior related — or simply communication desires. I also am able to do energy work on your animal for whatever ails their system similar to the in-person and distance sessions (described above). Spiral healing can also be done on animals. To date, I have worked on dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and a horse. Questions can include dealing with anxieties, eating issues, behavior, physical health and more.

  • Explore ancestral lines and what remains in our bodies from our ancestry. Deep healing can happen as we reveal information from our ancestral lineages and see how they are affecting us today.

  • Mayan Abdominal Massage is founded on the ancient Mayan practices of midwives and women’s care, though it can also be done with benefits on men. It is an external non-invasive manipulation that repositions internal organs that have shifted, thereby restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi.  It can restore proper positioning and flow to your organs, assist the body’s innate healing ability by removing obstacles to balance in the system.

    The intention of this service is to remove any blockages and congestion. It is also good for both female and male digestion and pain management. Fertility can also be enhanced.

    This is the only service offered by Raven that must be done in person.

  • Women’s Healing and Wisdom

    This is designed as an intensive session for women who are seeking to deeply re-balance. The aim is for a deep healing boost and attuning. Ideal timing 2-5 hours.

    We will create our time with based on your desires and preferences. Each of the items listed can also be done individually in shorter sessions. Our time together may incorporate:

    • Mayan Abdominal Massage
    • Rebalancing of feminine and masculine energies
    • Munay-ki, Rite of the Womb (13th rite)
    • Anointment from Mary Magdalene and Miriam.

    Spiral Healing session work on whatever arises and for questions. This may include things that are coming up from the “Me too” and “Why I did not report” movements.

  • “We can never find peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”
    – Dalai Lama

    I support the people who support others.

    In current times advocates must continue to do their work while being constantly bombarded by excessive stimuli in the media and politics. Our bodies were not built for so much overwhelm that we are inundated with daily.

    In these sessions, Raven will help to support advocates to better cope with things that come up both personally and professionally.  This type of work can be similar to coaching — or it can be deep healing sessions.

    Who is this offering for:

    This specific offering is for advocates, lawyers, grassroots organizers or anyone who is working towards social justice, environmental causes, civil rights and global human rights development. It can also be for the individual who cares about and/or is stressed by daily life right now.

    It is for you if you are feeling any of the following:

    • The weight of the world blocking you and weighing you down
    • Low energy and hopelessness both physically and emotionally
    • Constantly angry/or pissed off
    • Irritated overwhelmed even by seemingly small things
    • Aware of having a short-fuse and of being easily triggered
    • Un-grounded
    • Inundated by constant media, social media barrage of information and “troubling news.”
    • Overloaded, off- center and aware that things just don’t feel right

    You are not alone. This is what is the state of the world.

    Why is this necessary?  
    Raven is offering this, especially now, because so many of us in the non-profit field are over-worked, burned out and stressed by the inherent pressures of this field of work. Additionally, old methods for dealing with this stress are not sufficient in current times. We are just expected to deal with this excessive stress with old tools that no longer work. It is therefore imperative to learn new ways to balance our energies so we are more effective in the work we do in the world.

    What kinds of stresses might be rising from the current national and global realities?

    You might find this offering exciting if you are aware of or are feeling any of the following — and are ready to take a leap and try something new to shift what you are experiencing.

    • Bullying, Controlling, domineering and narcissistic attitudes and actions from this administration which create divisiveness insensitivity, lack of care and consciousness coming from Trump’s attitude and actions. ???
    • The “me too” and #WhyIDidNotReport” movements bringing up people’s past wounds including assault, rape and other trauma. This includes current triggers for abuse survivors regarding Kavanaugh and the treatment of Dr. Ford.
    • National traumas such as children in cages, immigration issues, racism, climate change, and education.
    • The shifting of the patriarchy.
    • Constant attacks from everywhere, “fake news” and being provoked to fighting.

    If you are feeling in survival mode, freaked out or simply that too much is coming at you, then we can work together to find solutions and a plan for greater balance and harmony in your life.

    More support is needed right now.

    We live in difficult and challenging times. From the need to clarify what is “real news”, to fighting for recognition, to resisting nearly everything – there are extraordinary weights on our shoulders. For many, it creates a hopelessness and anger about our current political climate. Many have been reporting trouble sleeping, health issues, stress-related conditions or simply the inability to find peace-of-mind.

    This offering will provide you with new, ‘outside -of – the -box’ tools for self-care, healing and releasing what our bodies hold on to which impede our ability to do our work.  These tools and process also assist us in maintaining our ability to remain present and “okay” in this new world.  We need these supports now more than ever!

    Why now?

    If you’ve tried the usual ways and are ready to open yourself to something new, Raven is here to offer tools and skills, and to shine some light in the darkness. Remember, if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten. If you are ready for a new outcome, then you are ready for a new approach!

    Offering both individual and small group options, as well as bigger-picture presentations on this subject matter as described in the Workshops section of this website. Sessions can be done from wherever you are; in-person and distance options are available!

  • Plant medicines are powerful teachers. They can help us to see parts of ourselves we might not easily have access to otherwise. They can help to support us in expanding our consciousness and to tap in to spaces and places we might not yet have access to in our every day waking life. They can be powerful, scary, challenging – and life changing and transforming teachers for those who choose to work with them.

    Plants are to be honored. Raven teams with another colleague to offer this plant medicines support. Raven and Amy Melrose of Soul Oriented Life Coaching are here for you in all parts of your process. That can be even if that is a choice to not explore plants. If you choose to explore, Raven can support your processing and integration in its full intensity.

    Plant medicines are not for everyone – and you will know when the timing is right. We do not recommend circles (there are many outside of the United States) and are here for YOU along your path.

  • Many times people don’t even know what to ask but they know they are unhappy or that something is not working in their lives. These sessions become so beautiful as they become “see what you see”. We will gently explore and ask questions to delve into what is going on. Raven is skilled at being able to see quite rapidly and accurately (on many levels) what is happening for each client.

    When you come for your session, simply come with the questions you desire to seek changes in your life. Intuitively, the path towards addressing them will appear. They always do. The work will pull from all the other modalities offered by Raven – and will follow your body and needs to address your desires.

    If you have specific questions, those may be addressed as well.

  • Learn about your partner!! Unlock what is happening in a relationship that does not work. Understand your patterns and behaviors that may be different together than when you are separate. Unwind that which is not functioning in your relationship. To be effective, both individuals in the couple must have had at least 1 private session with Raven before the couples work can be done.

  • These days, self care and energetic protection is critical. If you feel you are too open, ungrounded, unprotected, tools exist to evaluate where you are needing support – and fill your knowledge gap. The following are offered and incorporated into Raven’s work, as appropriate and desired:

    • Energetic maintenance for the healer — tools and skills for energetic maintenance and self-care.
    • Grounding and tools for how to walk this earth and interact with others cleanly and clearly.
    • Listening — how do you hear your own guidance, intuition?
    • How to reconnect to yourself — FEEL — and remember where you are in time and space.
    • How to surrender and learn to die — while actively LIVING!!
    • How to “journey”.
    • What is a process? How do I process what comes up for me?
    • Ritual 101- using plants, nature, stones, crystals, sage, etc for sacred healing. How to honor the earth in ceremony.
    • Thinking about healing from the individual to the global.
    • Emotions and feeling: all are ok.
  • Energetic and emotional support in the transition and death. Raven has provided support to:

    • Individuals in comas, near death and in the actual transition
    • Families supporting their loved ones and their transition.
    • Babies in utero and mothers in distress.
    • Women trying to get pregnant to clear the energies for success in conceiving and pregnancy.
    • Women pregnant prior to termination of pregnancy in order to provide peace to the woman, learn about the spirit and learn from this period of time for all.
  • Let’s get to the bottom of your inquiry of your bigger path and purpose in this world.