About Spiral Healing By Raven

Spiral healing taps into both the known and often unknown areas in your life.

A Native American medicine wheel honoring the 4 directions

What Does Raven Energy Bring?

Raven energy brings magic, wonder and synchronistic events into your life. The Raven reminds you that on the path to wholeness, all things become possible. Working with Raven, will help to bring these events into more clarity and action. Answers sought will be uncovered. Working with Raven will give you the space to allow yourself to have greater joy, understanding and fulfillment. Even if you can’t see it, trust it to bring joy, understanding, and fulfillment to your life no matter what the present circumstances appear to be. Raven often says “Expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed” — and this is what you will find at Spiral Healing by Raven.

What About the Spiral….?

A spiral rock labyrinth

The name “Spiral Healing” comes from my belief that healing and healing processes act like a spiral. We never return to where we began. As we learn, heal and grow, we come to a deeper place within ourselves — a more confident place — where we understand who we are and why we are the way we are. In understanding our total selves we begin to heal and move into a new state of being. Spiral Healing allows us to go to whatever is next available for us to see, feel and learn from. Spiral Healing sessions allow you to uncover and access the true YOU — and choose your life from there.

For example, have you ever witnessed yourself having memories, or emotions coming up that you had thought you were done with, that were worked through? You may question (sometimes with frustration) why they are arising again. This is because of the spiral nature of healing. As we heal and explore ourselves, we go deeper, heal deeper, and find new tools and insights along the way.

Sessions with Raven may bring in both the new and old energies as a continuing flow in the direction of what you wish for in your life. By understanding our past we better understand our present. From there, we can make different choices and guide our future directions.

Together, we will spiral backward and forward, and return to the present with a new awareness, information, and tools. The ideal client is someone who wishes to actively work on themselves and utilize and engage with the tools provided.

What Do Sessions Look Like?

Sessions are powerful, individualized and can go quite deep. They are not surface-level energy work alone. They offer clients the opportunity to dive into emotional, physical and energetic blockages, ask questions and receive answers. They allow us to journey into yourself as you have never experienced!

Each session is different for each person every time! They are as personal and follow what you bring into the sessions and incorporate whichever modalities are needed in that moment.

Sessions are not about religion or faith. It is about you and your own inner connection to yourself and your personal philosophy.

Working with Raven is a two-way relationship — healing comes from both of us both committed to exploring what is there and sharing what arises. Sessions are primarily intended for people who want to engage with their physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual selves. Much like a life or career coach, I am helping you to tap into yourself so that you can understand yourself more deeply and make choices for your health, balance, joy and prosperity in what you desire. It’s about learning how to more actively and knowingly live your life.

This is an exciting and new venture into healing, balance and wellness!