Privacy Policy

Spiral Healing by Raven values the privacy of its clients. The following documents details the type of information Spiral Healing by Raven solicits and acquires from its clients and how that information is used. Usage of Spiral Healing by Raven’s services constitutes a client’s acceptance of all of the terms and conditions detailed in this document.

Information Solicited & Acquired

Spiral Healing by Raven solicits and acquires the following personal information from its clients:

  • Client Name
  • Email Address(es)
  • Phone Number(s)

Billing & Financial Information

Spiral Healing by Raven does not directly collect or handle the financial information of its clients. For the sake of security and privacy Spiral Healing by Raven uses a secure third party transaction processor (PayPal) to collect and transmit funds for transactions. Spiral Healing by Raven is not responsible for the way confidential information is handled by PayPal, however regular reviews of the processor’s privacy and security practices are conducted to ensure that they meet the standards of quality Spiral Healing by Raven has set forth to its clients.

Information Usage

The information clients provide about themselves when procuring a session is only used to facilitate and complete that session. Spiral Healing by Raven does not sell its client list or share client information with outside parties.

Testimonial Usage

Spiral Healing by Raven does not offer compensation or incentives to clients for the submission of testimonials or endorsements. Testimonials from clients are submitted of their own choice and expressed in the client’s own words.

Spiral Healing by Raven reserves the right to select,  use and edit any testimonial submitted by clients on its website and in its marketing collateral.  Edits made to testimonials are limited to grammatical correction, aesthetic formatting, and the removal of non-essential words and/or sentences. In no way is the wording or meaning of the client’s statement altered, nor are embellishments added in the form of additional words and/or sentences not part of the original statement.  Adjustments to testimonials outside of these parameters are made with the full authorization, or at the request, of the client.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Spiral Healing by Raven reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy at any time without notice. In the event that changes to this policy affects the services promised in an already established service agreement with a client, Spiral Healing by raven will honor the terms of the policy as it was written at the time of the service agreement. In such a circumstance, Spiral Healing by Raven is only liable to abide by the terms and conditions of the previous Privacy Policy policy until the conclusion or termination of the specified service agreement.