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Yup…definitely an empath…

Not that I need confirmation, and yet I received it today, yet again. I am definitely an empath. As an intuitive healer where sometimes it is even hard to describe the magic of each session, moment, day in my life on this path, I am always feeling. I feel the earth. I feel the stars. I feel within. I feel and see the energy dynamics in a room or space. I feel it all. Today, in working on a client, I burst into tears. I felt her close to 69 years of stored pain, love, desire, longing, joy, anger, hurt pouring through me. I cried. I felt on her behalf. Teaching people to FEEL apparently is something that more and more people are turning to me for. I believe that most of us have been taught not to cry. To “be a man”, or “dry those tears”, or “pull it together”……etc, etc, etc. You know the instructions from when we were young. We were never taught how to really feel and why that is important. So, we leak emotion on others or find un-skilled modes of communication to attempt to explain and convey what we are feeling inside.

There is so much power, though, in the reclaiming of the FEELING. Emotions coursing through me are so beautiful. What a GIFT. Even when it feels weird, or painful, I’m so grateful for this ability. I spent much of my life numb and I don’t take for granted that my pendulum on this has swung to the opposite. It’s a power. It’s a strength. And, I’m blessed to find ways to work in the world that allow me to share this with others. It is my birthright to feel ALL of me — and it is yours.

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