What is Spiral Healing?

A Native American medicine wheel honoring the 4 directionsSpiral healing incorporates all of you, taps into both the known and often unknown areas in your life. It spans across your past, present and future selves.

The name “Spiral Healing” comes from my belief that healing is like a spiral. Spirals are not circles; we do not return to where we began. As we learn, heal and grow, we come to a deeper place within ourselves — a more confident place — where we understand who we are and why we are the way we are. In understanding our total selves we begin to heal and move into a new state of being. Spiral healing allows us to go to whatever is next available for us to see, feel and learn from.

For example, have you ever witnessed yourself having memories, or emotions coming up that you had thought you were done with, that were worked through? You may question (sometimes with frustration) why they are arising again. This is because of the spiral nature of healing. As we heal and explore ourselves, we go deeper, heal deeper, and find new tools and insights along the way.

A spiral rock labyrinthSpirals are endless and occur in constant motion – they can go in any direction. The current goes up and down, never losing the core essence of what it is. Sometimes, you see more on the outer, than the inner. The exterior part of a spiral eventually becomes its interior.

Tapping into energy and auric fields (whether in person or from a distance), Spiral Healing by Raven offers insights beyond the mind/spirit into the root of who you are, where you are now, and where to proceed. Together, we will spiral backward and forward, and return to the present with a new awareness, information, and tools.

Sessions with Raven may bring in both the new and old energies as a continuing flow in the direction of what you wish for in your life. By understanding our past we better understand our present. From there, we can make different choices and guide our future directions. The ideal client is someone who wishes to actively work on themselves and utilize the tools provided.