What does a session look like?

Raven MeditatingWorking with Raven is a two-way relationship — The Sprial Healing comes from both of us both committed to exploring what is there and sharing what arises. Sessions are primarily intended for people who want to engage with their physical and spiritual selves. Much like a life or career coach, I am helping you to tap into yourself so that you can understand yourself on that level.

Sessions are not about religion or faith. It is about you and your own inner connection to yourself and your personal environment.

Some questions people have asked me:

1. What will happen in a session:

First, we will talk about what brought you in. Next, you will lay down and I will begin to scan your energy body. Sometimes we will talk during the session and sometimes toward the end. You can breathe, relax and feel.

2. How do I know it’s working? What will I experience?

Everyone’s experience is different. Some see colors, hear sounds, see visions. Your session will be individual to you. The more sessions you have the more aware you will become. Sometimes your expereince is so subtle that you are realizing the moment. The sessions are an exploration of your own intuition. Imagine intuition in a very concentrated/total body space.

The things uncovered do link back to the physical world- fatigue, overwhelming emotions, kinds of people/situations you keep attracting in your life, unlocking the mystery of why you find yourself in some of the same life cycle patterns.  We can look at and release/explore current challenging situations.

3. What can I work on in a session?

The answer is anything. Some come with issues that they are dealing with now (stresses, emotions, feelings, thoughts), others with longer term questions or some just are open to what arises. There is never a single journey or format. There are multiple possible journeys. Which journey we embark on depends on you and what you are interested in exploring. I as a healer can help you identify various starting points.

I can seek information to answer questions or surrender to what is in your highest interest in each moment.

4. How does Spiral Healing relate to other modalities or practices?

Spiral Healing is a supplement to the other things you have in your life to care for your well-being. It is a complement to the other practices you engage in whether they are mental or physical health services, nutrition, etc. This is not a substitute– it is another aspect of taking care of yourself and living into your full passion, power and joyous life. Spiral Healing assists you to balance and achieve your highest potential.

5. What do I need to bring into a session?

Simply you and your curiosity to explore and grow. But, you have to be open to it. Like any kind of personal exploration, what you give to the processs and are open to receive will enhance your experience. This is not just me doing a reading but a co-created journey — so come prepared to join me!

6. What makes Spiral Healing by Raven unique?

Spiral Healing is unique because it incorporates a range of different modalities – Shamanic journeys (past life/extractions), channeling, energetic/Reiki, clairvoyant/auric readings, coaching/spiritual counseling- are all brought together which are usually only available individually through specialized practitioners.