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Welcome to my website!

Welcome to Spiral Healing — and my first blog! The launch of this page has been a long time coming; envisioned years ago and under development for a few years. It has been a birth of a vision of mine, to bring the modalities that have just come to me over the years to you all. And, I’m excited to be moving it forward. I’m grateful you are on the spiral with me.

I will muse here in these writings on occasion, unpacking and unwinding some of the spirals I find myself in. Today, I am launching this site from the beautiful island of Hawaii. This is no coincidence, though it is fitting. It is here on the Big Island (and in the islands in general) where I have found much of my own healing and integration from the Work of my life (note the capitalized “W” in work (for another blog post). It is a place of transformation, of re-shuffling things in my life that I am working on and of change. It has provided me specific instances of healing at a few pivotal times in my life — and this trip is no different. The energies here of Pele, the Goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanos, by default brings me internal and external shifts. It’s unavoidable! And, such is life. I find as soon as I fear or get “stuck” in my stuff, something blows in to unearth new fires, new passions and then life slowly shifts. New intentions are powerful. What will come from this particular trip, I do not know yet, but I know it is already happening. 🙂

Hawaii sunset image

This image was taken last night as I contemplated the launch of this site and whatever is to come for us all! Thank you for reading — and sharing. I look forward to continuing the journey with you all. Blessings.

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