Client Testimonials

  • I have had many sessions with Raven. Her vision, intuition and connection to the unseen is extremely powerful and unique. Recently, I have specifically committed to a series of 3 sessions which have totally rebooted me. A few weeks ago the road in front of me looked unclear, murky and felt very chaotic both personally and professionally. Now I see my path bright and clear. Each session was so different and so powerful. It was a full journey where I let go of deeply rooted information stored in my system and opened up to my present and future more fully. The first one was intense and physical as my body released strongly the old hooks, patterns that were still existing. The second one was peaceful and heart opening and brought me to myself in the present moment, allowing something new to birth. This last one opened the road for what is to come and offered information and answers to my questions as if I was seeing the future right in front of my eyes (well my third eye). No matter what was happening to me, I could feel Raven doing her magic, following her guides and intuition, and working with my energies in my physical body and my the etheric field. She said those sessions were about past, present and future — and it really was. So grateful for you and your work in this world at so many levels and in so many ways.  Thank you, Raven!

    Christel Libiot, Craniosacral Practitioner/Priestess
    Upper Marlboro, Maryland

    Christel Libiot
    Priestess, Craniosacral Practitioner
    Upper Marlboro, Maryland

  • Raven is amazing! Last week my life was falling apart since I have an epileptic dog, Megan, who was seriously ill in the animal hospital having uncontrolled cluster seizures. The sedation they were giving her was not working and the vet called me to break it to me that the situation wasn’t looking good. That evening a friend referred me to Raven who performed distant healing. Miraculously Megan pulled through and the following day was her best since she had become ill 4 days previously! You wouldn’t believe she was at death’s door the night before! I was able to take her home a short while later. I truly believe it was Raven’s healing that helped my Megan pull through.

    Lucy Kite
    Somerset, England

  • This is the most powerful healing work I’ve done in my life.


    Project Manager
    San Francisco, CA

  • You were right about my liver… There was a blockage, and it miraculously cleared… The scans are fine now. I know you cleared it — I felt you. And yes, that was miraculous. All is good to go. I can’t express enough how much I love and thank you!!!

    * Everything you say is so accurate! It’s so mind blowing to me, honestly! *

    Anonymous; Arlington, VA

  • Raven was there for me with her spiral healing at one of the darkest moments of my life. It was one of the most powerful healings I had ever received. Full disclosure: I discovered myself pregnant at a time when I knew with my whole entire being that what I truly needed was to be birthing myself, my own dreams, my own visions into the universe. It simply wasn’t the right time to have a baby. But with all the self-healing I had been undergoing, I felt with such keen sensitivity the heartbreak of letting the life go. I felt her in my womb very deeply. I was in such turmoil, anguish, and guilt. I called Raven in distress, and within moments, she had tapped into the new soul’s voice. By listening both to the soul and to her helping spirits, she gave me the message that the child was here to stay in a body-less form, as my spirit guide and teacher, transmitting a very clear message that her soul had been with me through 9 lifetimes, that she had come to me at this time because I am on the precipice of a major transformation in my life. I was weeping with the deep heart-recognition of the truth of it all. Raven guided me to name her: I named her Lily. I had a chance to spend the day after the healing with Lily, visiting together with trees, and flowers, and sky. The morning of the procedure, Raven led me through a release of the physical body, making it clear again that it wasn’t goodbye. There was a lot of sadness, but I felt very much at peace. I can’t thank Raven enough: she took all my anguish and turned it into tenderness, openness, and hope. In this way, she was a spirit doula, not only for Lily, but a new born me as well.

    Washington, DC

  • Raven’s intuitive wisdom is a rare gift. I was blown away by how accurate and spot-on her reading of my third chakra was. She was drawn instinctively to my weakest chakra. I was amazed that she knew which one needed the most healing. Her loving presence and healing touch combine with her intuitive wisdom to give us a powerful, mystical healer with miraculous abilities to help us all feel better. What a blessing!

    Bob J.
    Boston, Massachusetts

  • Dear Raven,

    The work that you do is amazing. This type of work creates healing that is so much bigger than any other type I have encountered. The energetic shift was immediate.

    I feel mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically better.
    I was immediately able to feel more empowered, more free, more my true self, stronger and more compassionate at the same time. I have already seen a huge positive shift in my relating to myself, my family dynamics, my reactions in the days following our session.

    I’ve worked in and explored so many different modalities, religions, techniques with wonderful and gifted people — and in terms of personal transformation the work we did together in our initial session has shifted more than anything I’ve ever done. It’s unlike any other kind of healing I’ve encountered.

    Raven is a catalyst that enables change to happen – be inhabited through her Spiral Healing. After the journey, talking through what we each had seen, I was amazed that we each saw aspects of it and in our talking additional work emerged. Even though we only spoke a sentence or two during the journey, both of us were seeing the same things from different sides of the coin. The things you brought out were so significant.

    Through this session, you enabled me to uncover and see the truth that a part of my youth was so critical for my life. I hadn’t previously understood what a loss I encountered at that time, and the impact on my life up to today. It is HUGE. And to learn what I could do to immediately begin caring for this wound, and healing it, and healing my life journey and life purpose.

    People trust medical doctors and their advice. In the same way, I trust Raven, and the work that she is doing, work that is manifested as embodied, powerful, positive change in my life. Change that is set in motion by working with Raven on the spiritual, energetic plane, has already created and is continuing to yield significant improvements that I can feel on the physical level and see manifesting in the practical planes of my life.

    I look forward to future Spiral Healing work, and the insights it will bring. It’s huge. It’s important. Thank you.


    Barbara Davis
    Bliss Coach
    Greenbelt, MD

  • Raven is one of very few people I have met that I can write a testimony like this about. Her work is authentic and transformative and she is a person that practices with love and integrity. If you have a chance, book a session. She does in person and distance healing work.

    Sarah O
    Project Manager