Client Testimonials

  • Thanks so immensely much for everything, Raven! Feeling deeply held & supported, and more deeply home within myself than ever!! Ohhh my heart!!!! 💕💕I FEEL her!! Gratitude for your truly adept rebirthing facilitation! You’re most amazing my dear!!! {{{{hugs you like never before! Watch out!!!😂😂😂😍😍}}}

    K.A. Chesapeake, MD

    1. Quintessential APUS-amounts of gratitude to the amazing Raven for swooping in today to share massive wisdom, heart, fortitude deep clairvoyant in-sight, tears & laughter with me today! You are the greatest gift, and I am ever blessed call you my sister & shaman! Thank you from my whole heart for this profound healing work you share! If anyone is looking for a powerhouse of a shaman to go deep into all the depths with, I cannot recommend Raven highly enough! Ahhhh so much love for this wombyn & her beauty-filled, life-transforming work! AHO!
    2. So so grateful for all the release ! Mm and the insights into beloved connection . Feeling a NAP after moving all that energy … phew deary! o-m-g, another massive work, yet again!!! Thank you sisSTAR!!!!

    Athena; New Paltz, NY

  • You were right about my liver… There was a blockage, and it miraculously cleared… The scans are fine now. I know you cleared it — I felt you. And yes, that was miraculous. All is good to go. I can’t express enough how much I love and thank you!!!

    * Everything you say is so accurate! It’s so mind blowing to me, honestly! *

    Anonymous; Arlington, VA

  • Raven is an AMAZING healer for all those needing guidance and healing, physical, emotional, and spiritual. ❤ She does extremely transnational work on stuff dating back to childhood, and before, or whatever is present at the current time.

    Beth I.
    Acupunture student
    Columbia, MD

  • I am so grateful for the profound healing gift of your work raven!!
    Goes so deep.
    So real and moves the things that seen unmovable.. a mystery and a miracle
    May many suffering people find you dear Raven!! ❤️

    Sheya J., Costa Rica

  • I slept last night pain-free for the 1st time in months. When you picked up on “stability”, and instability in my body, something shifted and clicked within me. When I awoke, as discussed, I had a conversation with my higher self and released my fears, and commit to this new found trust in my stability. My hip pain has decreased by nearly 100%.  I feel only a twinge of sensitivity in my hip. Thank you!!

    Shawna, Orotina, Costa Rica

  • Good morning, Raven! I just wanted to share with you that I had my first potentially stressful meeting since our season, and I didn’t cry or feel in any way overwhelmed. Also I had car trouble which normally would have sent me into overwhelm before I met you. At no time did I feel overwhelmed, panicked or depressed… or if I was, I wasn’t aware of it. I did the exercises you gave me.

    I believe all of this is a direct result of our work together, and I am so grateful! I didn’t think any of this was possible for me. I thought I was permanently lost.

    This is the first time in years that I feel I have solid ground under my feet; that I have a direction. That it is possible for me to heal. I’m crying. Happy tears. You are a blessing in my life, and in the lives of others I’m sure! ❤ Thank you! A million times, thank you! ❤

    L. A.

  • I can’t recommend having a healing session with Raven highly enough. As a healer, I know what deep healings are — and Raven’s gentle power goes to the depths that are still blind to most of us. I just had a major release from my left ovary. This has been the stumbling block for so long…it’s finally releasing. You Goddess, you Shaman… you *whatever you are*… keep doing what you are doing! You are so intuitive it’s amazing. Thank you. <3

    Orla Quinn
    Womb and Energy Healer
    Dublin, Ireland