Client Testimonials

  • My dog Herschel is my life and love. He is a poodle-bichon mix- full of black curls with tan eyebrows and tan paws. At 4 months old Herschel bumped into a situation that we were not sure he was going to be able to overcome: One morning Herschel did not yelp to come out of his crate per usual. Instead I went to get him and found him near lifeless laying in a puddle of vomit. I rushed him to the vet who gave him IV fluids and sent him home. Later in the evening his situation worsened and we ended up at a 24 animal hospital where they told me he had contracted Leptosperosis, a potentially fatal illness.

    Needless to say I was beside myself. The thought of losing the love of my life was unbearable. I knew I needed to reach out to everyone I could for help. Enter Raven. Raven met me at the animal hospital and came back into the treatment area. Herschel was cowered in the back of the crate with tubes and wires coming in and out of every which way. Raven performed her own form of energy healing on my sad sad baby. The energy was palpable. I know he felt it as much as I did. After Raven’s treatment, Herschel’s health started to make a miraculous turn for the better. Not only did Raven help Herschel’s body and spirit but she also helped me — gave me the positive energy I needed to pull my act together for my dog, too.

    Today Herschel is a happy and healthy 3 year old who brings joy and happiness to my every-day… I know I have Raven to thank for that. I am grateful there are people in the world like Raven- she possesses something very real and very powerful.

    Melanie Friedson (for Herschel)
    Washington, DC

  • Thank you for everything! My true nature is returning, thanks to all the *deep* healing work with you! <333
    I could not have done it alone, you have helped so immensely in so many ways, and I’m eternally grateful for all this deep deep healing! And all of your wisdom, love & support. And wow, just feels so lovely….yay. Glad to remember how this feels again. So much love!

    Katherine P.

  • In my first session, Raven went right to the heart of my core issues. She shed light on them immediately with a past life memory, helped me move a ton of energy, gave me incredible insights and a new way to look at my major obstacles. Three weeks later, I am still processing, releasing, and integrating what we did. I am relinquishing layers of emotions and patterns that continue to surface, and Raven’s reading has corroborated and complemented healing sessions I have had with other practitioners since the session. I am gaining courage and confidence every day, better able to prepare and move forward into my next chapter. I feel a deep appreciation for the sophistication and power of Raven’s work and look forward to more sessions with her in the future.

    Noel Schroeder
    Intuitive Designer/Artist & Owner of Moodrising Designs
    Fremont, NH

  • Note: a different kind of testimonial and still one I desire to share here.

    I had come to meet a new friend with an old soul. Raven has been flying around Eden for many moons. She seen things and has vision which spans dimensions. I had met her in contact improv Jam–a mystical playground where old souls dance.

    We met to compare notes and share insights into consciousness and humanities predicament. This election has stirred up souls and we collectively sit on the doorway to the dark night.

    Raven is an amazing woman. In her previous life she had been a lawyer lobbying and promoting rights for people with disabilities. However, several years ago after confronting her own dark night, she elected to go another route and now works with consciousness and as a medium to other dimensions. She runs a business called Spiral Healing by Raven

    I came to her not as a client but a fellow traveler on the mystical circuit seeking to understand what spirit is saying about the current state of affairs. We had an intense dialogue about President elect Trump and collectively intuited that he embodies both the collective ego and harbors the spirit of the goddess Kali.

    This certainly came as a shock to both of us so if you are chuckling, you are in good company. I am no expert on goddesses but this is actually a good thing; this battle of ego vs kali is not to be missed.

    Nevertheless this is not a reality show–we can not simply watch as events unfold. Donald is something akin to collective ego. As we work individually on our own egoic transformation–the world shifts.

    We will not change Donald by simply protesting and writing letters. This period calls for everyone to do transformative work. It is a time of action and so letters and traditional avenues of change remain open.

    Ultimately this process is a collective spiritual process that we must all engage with. You do not need to find a guru or change the spiritual tradition with which you are comfortable.

    Go within🙏🏽if you need help Raven can give you guidance–if you want to bead contact me💙

    As raven and I were taking I made her a bracelet. A combination of hope and fear sealed with the breath of life and a spiral to represent the Ein sof (a letter with no beginning or end)

    As I was sealing the prayer some glue dripped on the couch. We had just had a revelatory mystical experience and each of us quickly took steps to mitigate the damage to the couch. We still live in the material world and needs and desires need to be met.

    Nevertheless remember the time to worry about trivialities is not now–take action💙
    One love.

    Gil Rosen
    Bethesda, Maryland

  • Thank you again for the healing session. I feel amazing ever since! My pain has been reduced dramatically and the first 2 days after I was totally pain free. I’m so grateful! thank you! Love and light!

    Eva P.
    Falls Church, VA

  • You have changed my entire perspective in life in so many valuable ways. In awe.

    Portland, OR

  • You’ve got skills, girl! The work you are doing is amazing. Powerful.


    Lisa, Silver Spring, MD
    Greenbelt, MD

  • I have had the great privilege to have healing work by Raven twice now. The minute she put her hands on me, was a moment of the greatest release. Raven has a gift of healing that transcends, and transforms. She works from her whole heart to the places and spaces deep within the soul. It has shifted my energy to one of acceptance and understanding, so that my work can shine brighter. Make no mistake — this is transformational work by a Master. I would recommend Raven’s work — high in integrity — and I would place my trust completely in her capable and healing hands.

    Laurel Herman
    The Blissed Out Chef
    Richmond, VA