Client Testimonials

  • Now is a time for deep healing on an individual and collective level as things that have been hidden in the shadow and running in the background are emerging to be seen and addressed. If you are feeling out of sorts, and stuff is coming up for you, now may be the time to clear it.

    If you are looking for a way to expedite your healing process and you have tried the usual ways with no avail, I want to express my sincere and recommendation to connect with my dear friend Raven, a gifted healer and intuitive who works on a deep energetic level that goes so beyond this physical realm.

    She has access to information and guidance that one simply can not teach or learn. Far beyond Reiki, the work that Raven does crosses over into the Shamanic work of journeying and soul retrieval to energetic layers of the body and mind, back through lifetimes and out into the stars.

    If you are ready to release pain and suffering, Raven can help you to become aware and to unravel and unblock energy patterns that may be keeping patterns in place on multiple levels, be it emotional, physical, mental or energetic. She has a profound connection to the soul level and to guidance in other realms and is a gifted channel.

    To find words to describe her seems like an unachievable task so I will simply express my heart-felt love and gratitude for her presence in my life, and my sincere recommendation to any of you, or those you may know, who are ready to look beyond traditional modalities and explore what is going on behind the scenes, underneath the symptoms you are experiencing.

    I put this out there with the intention that any of you who may be suffering or struggling know that you are not alone. We live in strange times and right now is a time of true reflection, an opportunity to look at what is really going on. It is a time of clearing.

    In addition to my personal experience working with her, I have seen her help friends who suffered for years with physical ailments not treated by western medicine, on the verge of surgery, have their symptoms relieved in just a few sessions with her. It really is amazing to see how much can shift in just a few sessions.

    It is my honor to support Raven in her path and to proudly shout how much I admire and appreciate her and her gifts and I want you all – my friends – to know she is there to support you on your journey should you feel called to work with her.

    Raven is ready to assist those who are ready to heal. She can schedule sessions in Greenbelt, MD or by phone or Skype.

    Amy Melrose
    Washington, DC

  • Raven has a unique and deep connection to the living world and all of its inhabitants. She focuses her life on love, truth, compassion, justice, and healing; but most of all, love. It is for this reason, along with pure synchronicity, that Raven helped me through the very hard and challenging death of my beloved dog, Princess. She helped communicate what Princess was experiencing and helped me in that process.

    The healing for me, and for Princess’s spirit, was so remarkable, that I have since reached out to her to assist with the passing of another of our beloved animals (even in the few moments prior to her euthanasia). I have also asked Raven to send healing energy to another animal and saw immediate miracles and shifts in behavior, helping him become well.

    What she is able to do for both my pets and I is so remarkable and appreciated that words cannot even begin to cover it. I am a writer, who is simply at a loss for words. What I can tell you, is that I am tearing up with love and appreciation, but not grief, in the middle of Dunkin’ Donuts, typing this as I acknowledge and feel the impact these sessions and moments had on my life, and my furry kids. I am truly at a loss on how to express this but I do know that just allowing me to feel such an impact (I’m not a public emoter) and then to permit these words to be shared is the biggest testimonial in and of itself.

    Raven is the person you want to guide you and your animal children/family through these important and every-day moments. You’ll just have to believe me…

    Melissa Misha R’kingsley
    Reading, PA

  • I don’t have a lot of experiences with energy work and healing… But what a difference my session with Raven made! Professional and gentle, she listened and found the places to work on, giving me back my inner balance. I now walk around with a totally different experience, more perceptive and whole. Thank you, Raven, for your work!

    Sascha Wjinhoven
    Nijmegen, Netherlands

  • Raven is amazing! Last week my life was falling apart since I have an epileptic dog, Megan, who was seriously ill in the animal hospital having uncontrolled cluster seizures. The sedation they were giving her was not working and the vet called me to break it to me that the situation wasn’t looking good. That evening a friend referred me to Raven who performed distant healing. Miraculously Megan pulled through and the following day was her best since she had become ill 4 days previously! You wouldn’t believe she was at death’s door the night before! I was able to take her home a short while later. I truly believe it was Raven’s healing that helped my Megan pull through.

    Lucy Kite
    Somerset, England

  • If you’re at all struggling with overwhelming emotions during this challenging time, Raven can help! Raven has deep intuitive and healing gifts. She uses a completely unique, holistic approach to help you to release and heal on the mental, physical, emotional and energetic levels. She has helped so many people to increase their capacity to show up feeling more empowered, grounded, and connected in all that they do. And her presence alone is so compassionate and soothing. Definitely reach out to her for a session!!


    Leah Harris, Advocate and Artist, Arlington, VA

  • “Hello Raven! From depression, the dog seems much happier; it is great! I saw the vet and she said the wound is better. we should amazingly avoid a third surgery we saw coming. 😘

    Emmanuelle, Lyon, France (for Princessa, dog)

  • From a client who has had insomnia for years — hasn’t slept more than 2 hours at a time in 2 years:

    “I too am experiencing all positive happening’s since our session…..7 hours of sleep last night, the first in four years! I am so grateful Raven. And thank you for releasing the past negative relationship’s….you are amazing!”


    Grecia Costa Rica

    1. Special shout out to my great friend, Raven, who without me knowing, sent me some healing energies to get me through the day. My breathing was suddenly and surprisingly better so being curious, I texted her and she confirmed that she was currently working on me. Check out her work. Link in comments. I was previously a curious cynic but now a full believer in shamanic healing since I met her. You gotz the skills, grrrl. You gotz the skills, grrrl. We both know that. AND, I THANK YOU! BIG TIME!!
    2. Infinite gratitude to my most consummately trusted healer & shaman for showing up, bolstering & supporting me thru an especially trying time.  I beyond love you, beautiful sister.

    Catherine, Woodstock, NY