I have had many sessions with Raven. Her vision, intuition and connection to the unseen is extremely powerful and unique. Recently, I have specifically committed to a series of 3 sessions which have totally rebooted me. A few weeks ago the road in front of me looked unclear, murky and felt very chaotic both personally and professionally. Now I see my path bright and clear. Each session was so different and so powerful. It was a full journey where I let go of deeply rooted information stored in my system and opened up to my present and future more fully. The first one was intense and physical as my body released strongly the old hooks, patterns that were still existing. The second one was peaceful and heart opening and brought me to myself in the present moment, allowing something new to birth. This last one opened the road for what is to come and offered information and answers to my questions as if I was seeing the future right in front of my eyes (well my third eye). No matter what was happening to me, I could feel Raven doing her magic, following her guides and intuition, and working with my energies in my physical body and my the etheric field. She said those sessions were about past, present and future — and it really was. So grateful for you and your work in this world at so many levels and in so many ways.  Thank you, Raven!

Christel Libiot, Priestess, Craniosacral Practitioner; Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Raven’s intuitive wisdom is a rare gift. I was blown away by how accurate and spot-on her reading of my third chakra was. She was drawn instinctually to my weakest chakra. I was amazed that she knew which one needed the most healing. Her loving presence and healing touch combine with her intuitive wisdom to give us a powerful, mystical healer with miraculous abilities to help us all feel better. What a blessing!

Dance Therapist

I was definitely a self-proclaimed skeptic before I met Raven. I had never tried any type of spiritual healing or readings. I barely know how to meditate. Despite my doubts, during my energy balancing and healing session with Raven, I actually physically felt bad energy leaving my body. The first time, I felt a cloud leaving my mind. I also felt energy hovering over my chest and belly and later, a strong pull on my throat. I could not believe how in tune Raven was with my experiences. Processing the session with her, I felt as if she was able to understand my life on a deeper level even more so than with people I had known and loved for years. I had an answer to a nagging question and felt more sure and confident of my direction in the world. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I felt the most anxiety-free and in the present in years. Raven is one of the most kind, genuine, respectful and inspiring people I have met. I felt I could instantly trust her, connect with her and look to her for guidance and wisdom. I would 100% recommend her services, even to the greatest skeptic!

Jessica Seline, International Public Health professional

Raven is an extraordinarily gifted healer. I went into our first session not quite knowing what to expect, but open to whatever might be revealed. Since working with her, I feel physically lighter in my body. Long-ingrained habits of self-sabotage and addiction have been disrupted. I feel motivated every day to take better care of myself and my health; something that is totally new for me. I found the courage to walk away from a toxic situation that was draining my energy. I’m starting to imagine new possibilities for myself and my life, and it’s exhilarating! And that was just after one session. Raven is the real deal, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Leah Harris, Attorney, Playwright
Washington, DC

Leah Harris, Washington, DC.

Dear Raven,
The work that you do is amazing. This type of work creates healing that is so much bigger than any other type I have encountered. The energetic shift was immediate.
I feel mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically better.
I was immediately able to feel more empowered, more free, more my true self, stronger and more compassionate at the same time. I have already seen a huge positive shift in my relating to myself, my family dynamics, my reactions in the days following our session.
I’ve worked in and explored so many different modalities, religions, techniques with wonderful and gifted people — and in terms of personal transformation the work we did together in our initial session has shifted more than anything I’ve ever done. It’s unlike any other kind of healing I’ve encountered.
Raven is a catalyst that enables change to happen – be inhabited through her Spiral Healing. After the journey, talking through what we each had seen, I was amazed that we each saw aspects of it and in our talking additional work emerged. Even though we didn’t only spoke a sentence or two during the journey, both of us were seeing the same things from different sides of the coin. The things you brought out were so significant.
Through this session, you enabled me to uncover and see the truth that a part of my youth was so critical for my life. I hadn’t previously understood what a loss I encountered at that time, and the impact on my life up to today. It is HUGE. And to learn what I could do to immediately begin caring for this wound, and healing it, and healing my life journey and life purpose.
People trust medical doctors and their advice. In the same way, I trust Raven, and the work that she is doing, work that is manifested as embodied, powerful, positive change in my life. Change that is set in motion by working with Raven on the spiritual, energetic plane, has already created and is continuing to yield significant improvements that I can feel on the physical level and see manifesting in the practical planes of my life.
I look forward to future Spiral Healing work, and the insights it will bring. It’s huge. It’s important. Thank you.

BBD, Bliss Coach

I first met Raven back in 2008 when we both were attending the Body-Mind Institute in NY.  She casually mentioned then that she was a Shaman.  The following year I drew a reversed raven card, indicating that I was to seek out a Shaman.  I immediately thought of Raven, called her, and she undertook her first journey for me.  Since then I have treated myself to a journey every year for my birthday.  Each year Raven has returned with soul pieces who presented exactly those aspects of myself that needed to be healed and celebrated.  It was so extraordinary that I then began giving my teen age daughter a journey with Raven as her birthday present. I have witnessed my daughter also deepen and grow wiser from her sessions with Raven.  Both my daughter and I have birthdays coming up next month, and we both can’t wait to be surprised by what Raven will bring back for us.  Thank you Raven for the important spiritual role you play in our lives and that of so many others. God truly has gifted you and you have used those gifts in a generous manner to bless the lives of others!

Ruth Ragovin

Raven Love… I am up late, coming out of a 5 day funk of exhaustion. It feels beautiful to be back out. And to have the tools to pull myself out. I was just remembering how much you have helped me…. through understanding the relationship between my physical, mental emotional and spiritual pains.

So many of the tools you have provided me over the past 2 years have not only aided me through medical school, but allowed me to begin to open my own business with more ease.

No letters or words can express the deep gratitude I have for your work and the courage to have faith and trust in your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May we all learn to follow our paths even if it seems absurd so that we can find peace and joy in our lives. Thank you for being such a beautiful example of this. ❤ ❤ ❤

C.A. Doctor, Portland, Oregon

I would highly recommend Raven’s Spiral Healing to just about anyone! She is so connected to the realm of our Souls & subconscious Underworld and help a person navigate through this sometimes scary, unchartered terrain. She Holds incredible space for you, as she helps show you 1) Where you are leaking energy 2) Where past hurts are affecting you now & 3) What chords are ready to be Cut/Released in Co-Dependant Relationships. Her Hands always carry the Perfect Medicine to soothe the rough patches in your Energetic Field. Every time I leave her healing space, I feel Lighter, Calmer & more Connected to Source Thank you so much Raven! We are so lucky to have you.

Monica Hayes, The Wellness Tree

Positioning myself for my session with Raven I feel her powerful and loving presence. The healing begins at that moment. Her energy envelopes me with complete acceptance and I feel vastly important.

I close my eyes and surrender my trust to Raven’s knowing energy.  I have experienced Raven as being astoundingly accurate as she shares with me what she has learned about me. It is as if she has been perfectly tuned into me.

As a result of the session, I feel lighter, I feel an increased self-esteem. Raven has unfolded life long mysteries and thus shows me personalized healing tools to help me grow and expand.  A new path is a lighted for me and I know now the answers that have evaded me. I feel excited and enthusiastic to watch my life unfold from this place.

Forever grateful.

Kathy Losonczy
Rockville, MD

She is Phenomenal! I honestly have not felt a hands on healing like yours even in the first 5 minutes. I felt a new possibility for a clearer energy. Raven’s energy healing is like that I have never felt before – very unifying so I can receive spiritual messages better. I became addicted right away.  I’m very grateful.

(Omg! You’re also a great writer, I don’t have to channel that! ;O))

Noelani Rodriguez, Psychic

    April 2016

“I feel so peaceful today. Like I have nothing to worry about. I can’t remember ever feeling this way!”
– Debby, Maryland

“Weird and wonderful: last time I came to New York (before our session) I felt so overwhelmed and shut down. This time, I feel so at peace and wandering the streets seeing Spirit in everyone. Lol – what a change!!”
– L.H., Attorney, Virginia

(Regarding animal communications and healing) “You’re his saviour.”
– Cas, UK.

“You are doing such important big beautiful multiverse work. Since the session, I’ve been feeling good, thank you. Body and spirit sooooo much clear!”
– B.D, Maryland

May 2016

I can’t recommend having a healing session with Raven highly enough. As a healer, I know what deep healings are — and Raven’s gentle power goes to the depths that are still blind to most of us. I just had a major release from my left ovary. This has been the stumbling block for so long….it’s finally releasing. You Goddess, you Shaman…you *whatever you are*….keep doing what you are doing! You are so intuitive it’s amazing. Thank you. <3
– Orla Quinn, Moon Mother, Womb Blessing Goddess, Dublin, Ireland.

Raven’s insight, intuition and healing touch has been a great help to me in sorting out emotional reasons for physical manifestation of pain in my body….I highly recommend trying a session with Raven.
– Terry Rubin, Musician, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala


Feedback from sessions (various)

Raven has a unique and deep connection to the living world and all of its inhabitants. She focuses her life on love, truth, compassion, justice, and healing; but most of all, love. It is for this reason, along with pure synchronicity, that Raven helped me through a very hard and challenging death of my beloved dog, Princess. She helped communicate what Princess was experiencing and helped me in that process.

The healing for me, and for Princess’s spirit, was so remarkable, that I have since reached out to her to assist with the passing of another of our beloved animals (even in the few moments prior to her euthanasia). I have also asked Raven to send healing energy to another animal and saw immediate miracles and shifts in behavior, helping him become well.

What she is able to do for both my pets and I is so remarkable and appreciated that words cannot even begin to cover it. I am a writer, who is simply at a loss for words. What I can tell you, is that I am tearing up with love and appreciation, but not grief, in the middle of Dunkin’ Donuts, typing this as I acknowledge and feel the impact these sessions and moments had on my life, and my furry kids. I am truly at a loss on how to express this but I do know that just allowing me to feel such an impact (I’m not a public emoter) and then to permit these words to be shared is the biggest testimonial in and of itself.

Raven is the person you want to guide you and your animal children/family through these important and every-day moments. You’ll just have to believe me…

Melissa Misha R’kingsley, Maryland

You’ve got skills, girl! The work you are doing is amazing. Powerful.

D.B., Greenbelt, MD

In my first session, Raven went right to the heart of my core issues. She shed light on them immediately with a past life memory, helped me move a ton of energy, gave me incredible insights and a new way to look at my major obstacles. Three weeks later, I am still processing, releasing, and integrating what we did. I am relinquishing layers of emotions and patterns that continue to surface, and Raven’s reading has corroborated and complemented healing sessions I have had with other practitioners since the session. I am gaining courage and confidence every day, better able to prepare and move forward into my next chapter. I feel a deep appreciation for the sophistication and power of Raven’s work and look forward to more sessions with her in the future.


Noel Schroeder, Intuitive Designer/Artist and Owner of Moodrising Designs

I came to Raven with a very specific problem: for years I had become increasingly more emotionally disconnected, which was the result of living through a series of traumatic experiences. This form of coping through life left me unable to properly grieve losses and to be fully vulnerable with others.  Previous attempts to deconstruct my emotional walls through conventional therapy were only moderately successful, but not enough; I seemed to be strongly blocked on a deeper level internally.

In the first few moments of our initial session, Raven placed her hands on mine and almost immediately I began to cry – something I had not been able to do for several years.  Knowing nothing about my past, and only assisted by her spirit guides and intuitive gifts, Raven was able to pinpoint specific dates and moments in my life that were pivotal in the formation of my emotional walls.  Many of these were instances that very few people in my life even knew about. From that point forward, each session, and the tools she gave me to work with on my own, helped me to become more in touch with the buried pain of my past and to tear down a significant portion of the emotional walls I’d surrounded myself with.

As a result I have become less stressed, less anxious, more open with others, and have begun to view the pieces and places of my life journey thus far in a way I had been unable to see them before. While I’m still in the midst of my own journey of healing and self-discovery, I can honestly say that without Raven’s help I would still be wandering around aimlessly trying to find a way to begin.

Whether you have specific problems or not, I highly recommend having a few sessions with Raven, as even the smallest benefits from them will make a significant positive impact in your life. The tools and exercises she has given me are ones I use almost every day, not just in pursuit of my own healing, but to help dissipate and balance out the effects of the stresses of life and various events.

Falls Church, VA

I am writing this in deep gratitude to you Raven for the assistance that you provided me with today. I am having lunch outside enjoying nature with a deeper connection thanks to the clearing work that you did for me today. I am more grounded, I have a greater sense of peace and freedom. Our session exceeded my expectations and I am glad that we ended up doing 2 hours. You are a very gifted, compassionate and kind soul. Thank you.

A. Fauster, Hawaii/Maryland

Raven recently gave me 2 sessions that were magical. I felt deeply relaxed and nurtured during the sessions. Her awareness of my process was amazingly right on. My heart is opening and I am feeling transformation happening even at this moment. I feel blessed and I am grateful for the work she has done with me. <3


Anonymous, Wholistic Healer

Raven’s ability to channel energy is amazing. During our session, a clear beam of purple light was evident behind my closed eyes, and I truly felt transported beyond space and time to… Akashic records? I need more sessions to go deeper. Just the experience of being under Raven’s powerful hands brought me so much energy and insight that keeps unfolding. She is truly a tremendous midwife between worlds.

Brecken Bhakti Chinn, Boston, MD

Before you arrived, I’ve been going through a dark period in my life. I was closed and didn’t see the light – was always sad. I felt like I was never going to be happy. I felt that I didn’t know who I am. When you worked on me, I felt clear. I felt your energy. Now it’s different. I feel better. I feel what you do. I’m very open. I respect you a lot. You have a gift. It is special for me. We are sisters. Thank you so much.

(Translated from Spanish)

Vicenta, Mayan Curandera/Healer/Spiritual Guide, Guatemala

I have had the great privilege to have healing work by Raven twice now. The minute she put her hands on me, was a moment of the greatest release. Raven has a gift of healing that transcends, and transforms. She works from her whole heart to the places and spaces deep within the soul. It has shifted my energy to one of acceptance and understanding, so that my work can shine brighter. Make no mistake — this is transformational work by a Master. I would recommend Ravens work — high in integrity — and I would place my trust completely in her capable and healing hands.

Laurel Herman, The Blissed Out Chef, Richmond, VA

The video to this testimonial can be found:

It can also be found on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIAYHJaLUIA

My name is Anja and I’ve been working with Raven for over a year now. As a wholistic practitioner myself, I’ve worked with a lot of wholistic healers over the years and I have to say that no one even comes close to the level of depth that Raven has the capacity to take you to. She has a way to guide you through and to those levels of your soul that need transformation in the most beautiful and amazing ways! She does not stay at the surface and that’s what I love about her – the depths she will take you to. I’ve never worked with a wholistic practitioner before who has taken me so deep. I’m so grateful for the transformations that have happened in my life and for Raven and the healing work that she provides. If you are not afraid (and ready) to go to that level of depths, then you should definitely explore working with Raven. She is AMAZING and has transformed my life in so many beautiful ways. Thank you!

Anja H., Children’s Yoga instructor; IT professional; Healer

Thank you again for the healing session. I feel amazing ever since! My pain has been reduced dramatically and the first 2 days after i was totally pain free. I’m so grateful! thank you! Love and light!

Eva – Atlanta, GA

Raven is an extremely gifted healer and medium. Utilizing her extensive intuitive skills and her connections to the spirit realm, she effectively provides a powerful healing experience of body and spirit. Sessions with Raven have been powerful tools on my spiritual journey, both from the in-session healing and from the clarity provided about what I need to focus on moving forward. It is also amazing to hear about my past lives, especially how they connect to other people and entities with whom I am already familiar in this life. I am so very blessed to have Raven in my life as such a talented close friend. I highly recommend her to anyone — you will be blown away!

Elizabeth Ella Schwartz, Falls Church, VA

A session with Raven is like having your best friend emotionally comfort you, listen to you, and feed you — not only Chicken Soup for your soul, but all of your favorite gourmet and most decadent comfort foods. She is a unique healer because of her ability to incorporate both the spiritual realm and the present world simultaneously. Her spirit and soul might be in the “clouds” seeking answers for you, but her feet are grounded and she is present speaking to you along the way, if you desire.

Raven is remarkable — she doesn’t have a specific way of doing things; she is highly adaptable and will perform only what YOU need for your session. The most amusing and amazing thing is that you don’t even need to tell her what that is — or even know your needs — because with one touch, she has all the knowledge necessary, and simply let’s it happen.

One example: Raven has worked with both myself and my husband. In his session, it was a lot of quiet touch, energy release with breath, and balancing; very few words were exchanged, which is exactly what was necessary. In my session, I chattered away because I am an active person by nature, who loves exploration. In a sense, Raven and I partnered up in my healing…which worked really well for me and allowed much needed stifled energy to flow out of my feet at an incredible rate. We both listened and absorbed. Not only did both my husband and I personally feel better after our sessions, we noticed changes in each other. Both of us were more relaxed, grounded, and had an overall sense of peace.

Bottom line: Make an appointment with Raven. It will be one of the best ways your money will ever be spent. Your soul will receive a massage, allowing you to let go of negativity and embrace love. I will return.

K.M. – Maryland

Working with Raven is an experience that is hard to capture in words as what she is able to sense and transmit really goes beyond what the mind can comprehend. It is as if she dances between this life and others to find and clear stored and blocked energies in the body to release you from old patterns that are no longer serving you. With the help of her guides, she is able to do amazing work that goes way beyond the physical realm. She is truly a gifted healer and I feel so blessed for finding her and working with her! Try for yourself, it really is something best experienced first hand.

Amy Melrose, Washington, DC
Certified Dance Coach®

Thank you, Raven, for your heart and soul service towards mine! I feel wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much is shifting and I am so grateful.

WE ARE ONE! As I told you, within just a few breaths I found my third eye open and spiral upward in FULL FORCE! That alone was worth the session! THANK YOU SO MUCH for that gift!!! All in all I keep finding that it is up to me to choose whether or not to heal and through the help of your knowing and your experience I am further along than I had ever imagined!! It has been about over a month since we skyped and I can go to “that space” so much more easily and freely.

Thank you for the safety, the love and the healing energy you showered me with. I look forward to our next session soon after my trip or maybe even before. Love you and can’t wait to see you in 3D. I love knowing that when I fly through that 3rd eye portal you were instrumental in the process. We are indeed one, always connected through time and space.

You are one powerful piece of art!!

L.B., Baltimore, MD

I first came to Raven at the suggestion of a friend because of some physical ailments that were incredibly bothersome. Over 9 years, I had been to doctors, taken countless number of drugs, and even spent 6 months doing pelvic floor physical therapy (if you have ever done this, you know how incredibly awkward it is) and I was only able to show marginal improvement. I had already tried everything else except surgery so, I figured, why not? I have nothing to lose….I am so glad I took that leap. Raven’s healing gifts are amazing and even after the first session I began to feel improvement. And, as we continued the healing journey, I felt like if a weight had been lifted and I feel so much lighter and just overall better. Raven is amazing — my pain is truly mostly gone!!! I cannot say good enough things about her and I am so glad I took that leap. Thanks for everything, Raven!!!

Cecilia, Washington DC

I don’t have a lot of experiences with energy work and healing… But what a difference made my session with Raven! Professional and gentle, she listened and found the places to work on, giving me back my inner balance. I now walk around with a totally different experience, more perceptive and whole. Thank you, Raven, for your work!

Sascha, Wjinhoven, Artist, Nijmegen, Netherlands

I have to say, I am always a little skeptical about energy work and shaman type healers, but after 2 years of feeling adrift and wretched, I came to Raven a little desperate for some direction. To say I was astounded, is an understatement. In our hour session, I felt movement within…actual movement. And after Raven worked on me, our talk left me breathless. What I thought was in my way, was only a symptom of something bigger I hadn’t let go of or found forgiveness for. The weeks following our work together, things continue to open up for me and I am now feeling aligned again. Raven, you have a gift beyond measure. I am eternally grateful for you sharing it with me. When is our next session?!

Brigitte Viellieu-Davis, actor, playwright

Raven is amazing! Last week my life was falling apart since I have an epileptic dog, Megan, who was seriously ill in the animal hospital having uncontrolled cluster seizures. The sedation they were giving her was not working and the vet called me to break it to me that the situation wasn’t looking good. That evening a friend referred me to
Raven who performed distant healing. Miraculously Megan pulled through and the following day was her best since she had become ill 4 days previously! You wouldn’t believe she was at death’s door the night before! I was able to take her home a short while later. I truly believe it was Raven’s healing that helped my Megan pull through.

Lucy Kite, Somerset, England

I was feeling so much last night I didn’t know how to put it into words- relief, gratitude, so much love.

I am so incredibly grateful to you. The depth of your vision and certainty of knowing helped the unfolding of my own inner knowing. You were the light guiding me out from the underworld and prison of lifetimes. You so perfectly tracked every fluctuation within me. Every detail you brought into the light fueled each release even more. The space you held with unwavering strength was….huge. Awe inspiring. I felt so safe in your arms and in your care. That is a rare feeling for me and one I will deeply cherish. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt that taken care of.

Thank you for the work you are doing, for empowering me, and helping to save me. So much love and gratitude for you coming in my life. Thank you again.

S.G., Annapolis, Maryland; Artist

My dog Herschel is my life and love. He is a poodle-bichon mix- full of black curls with tan eyebrows and tan paws. At 4 months old Herschel bumped into a situation that we were not sure he was going to be able to overcome: One morning Herschel did not yelp to come out of his crate per usual. Instead I went to get him and found him near lifeless laying in a puddle of vomit. I rushed him to the vet who gave him IV fluids and sent him home. Later in the evening his situation worsened and we ended up at a 24 animal hospital where they told me he had contracted Leptosperosis, a potentially fatal illness.

Needless to say I was beside myself. The thought of losing the love of my life was unbearable. I knew I needed to reach out to everyone I could for help. Enter Raven. Raven met me at the animal hospital and came back into the treatment area. Herschel was cowered in the back of the crate with tubes and wires coming in and out of every which way. Raven performed her own form of energy healing on my sad sad baby. The energy was palpable. I know he felt it as much as I did. After Raven’s treatment, Herschel’s health started to make a miraculous turn for the better. Not only did Raven help Herschel’s body and spirit but she also helped me — gave me the positive energy I needed to pull my act together for my dog, too.

Today Herschel is a happy and healthy 3 year old who brings joy and happiness to my every-day… I know I have Raven to thank for that. I am grateful there are people in the world like Raven- she possesses something very real and very powerful.

Melanie Friedson

Raven offers you a mirror of yourself. She reflects what she sees and feels, but more than a reflection alone, she presents for you that which has been unseen and unknown to you up until that moment. Not just a mirror, but a magical one at that.

Personally, Raven brought me closer to myself, more in touch with my feelings and trusting of my intuition. She brought a sense of peace and direction and offered practical tools to help me to maintain that sense.

During a session, Raven knows you like no one else. She senses things that are beyond the normal realm of knowing. She perceives of you and responds as if she was next to you in real time and space, and more than that, she knows you inside out. She can describe where you are at even though she has never been where you are and she visualizes energies in way that is powerful in its ability to transform your own grasp on them to be one that becomes powerful as well. What I received from our sessions were a sense of truly being seen, understood, held and loved: acceptance of self thanks to the amazing sense of acceptance and understanding that Raven is able to convey. Also, greater clarify and trust in myself came from our sessions. Finally, I also felt like I was being read like a book – between the like being held and rocked like a baby.

From the very outset, I sensed Raven to be someone that I could trust, whom I could confide in and who was authentic. She has an amazing ability to connect and to be one with what is – thereby enabling you to surrender to the same. From this new place, transformation truly becomes a possibility. Beyond a friend, she has counseled me in times of great difficulty. She is an amazing person, in each and every way. Her own story and that of mine, weave together like a patchwork of amazing stories – you will find yourself in her simply because she finds you – you true you!

Elke Hottentot, Geneva, Switzerland (distance healing session)