Client Testimonials

  • Sharing a testimonial of how powerful sessions with Raven can be! She is my go-to person when I need wisdom and perspective beyond the day-to-day nitty-gritty of so-called “reality.” Raven is able to tap into higher frequencies and bring down concrete information to transcend blocks and experience more Flow.

    Brecken Bhakti Chinn
    Tuscon, Arizona

  • You’re his savior. (Regarding animal communications and healing)

    Cas White
    United Kingdom

  • Since our session, there have been some miraculous changes in my body, thanks to your guidance! Thank you!

    To be specific, they include:

    1. Going to bed the night of our session I was was much clearly less stiff and with less restrictive movement. The soreness and systemic pain in my city was manageable.

    2. Getting out of bed the next morning was done with much greater ease. As said that was very big.

    3. One dose of my medicine this morning around 10 am has kept me comfortable all day long, which in of itself is amazing! I would normally be needing to take more all day just to manage my pain. Normally every step or movement is painful and I’m exhausted by days end. Not so today — and this was a very busy day going from one meeting to the next, driving good distances in between, but in and out of the car, climbing steps, etc and NO PAIN!

    4. The best thing of all, I was able to continue with tasks once arriving home with ease!

    5. My neck is less painful, I have more range of motion, and although working out some stiffness while sitting, NO PAIN!

    I will continue to do the homework and use the tools you provided.

    I cannot thank you enough for opening my pathways to allow a free flowing of energy to free me from so much pain. I believe that I will recover faster now from the pending surgery for my new hip — and that I can now find the tools I might keep needing through you to address anything that arises.

    Bottom line: I have not been this comfortable in a long time, especially at the end of a very busy day! This I attribute to your healing guidance. Thank you again!

    Catharine Phillips
    Earth Matters, Inc
    Grecia Costa Rica

  • Raven’s insight, intuition and healing touch has been a great help to me in sorting out emotional reasons for physical manifestation of pain in my body… I highly recommend trying a session with Raven.

    Terry Rubin
    San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

  • Thank you, Raven, for your heart and soul service towards mine! I feel wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much is shifting and I am so grateful.

    WE ARE ONE! As I told you, within just a few breaths I found my third eye open and spiral upward in FULL FORCE! That alone was worth the session! THANK YOU SO MUCH for that gift!!! All in all I keep finding that it is up to me to choose whether or not to heal and through the help of your knowing and your experience I am further along than I had ever imagined!! It has been about over a month since we skyped and I can go to “that space” so much more easily and freely.

    Thank you for the safety, the love and the healing energy you showered me with. I look forward to our next session soon after my trip or maybe even before. Love you and can’t wait to see you in 3D. I love knowing that when I fly through that 3rd eye portal you were instrumental in the process. We are indeed one, always connected through time and space.

    You are one powerful piece of art!!

    Baltimore, MD

  • I don’t have a lot of experiences with energy work and healing… But what a difference my session with Raven made! Professional and gentle, she listened and found the places to work on, giving me back my inner balance. I now walk around with a totally different experience, more perceptive and whole. Thank you, Raven, for your work!

    Sascha Wjinhoven
    Nijmegen, Netherlands

  • Thank you for a most magical session…and for the parting tools that you shared. It’s giving me hope and I do feel expanded capacity and clearing so thank you 🙌🏽

    Vienna, VA

  • You are amazing!! Wow!! I’m feeling not crazy…I’m feeling mellow.. angst is settled. Good morning. I don’t know what you do but I feel grounded, strong.. less heaviness, less anxious.. thank you.. 😊☺️

    Police Officer