Client Testimonials

  • “I recently had my first distance session with Raven, and I can say that it was as powerful and healing as being with her in person. (Although I love to be with her in person, too!!) I continue to reap the benefits of our time together in terms of increased clarity, a sense of peace, and release of all kinds of baggage I no longer need to carry. TY love!!”

    Leah Harris, Arlington, VA

  • Thank you for a most magical session…and for the parting tools that you shared. It’s giving me hope and I do feel expanded capacity and clearing so thank you 🙌🏽

    Vienna, VA

  • IMAGE: the tweet said (in response to her being asked what she does to work on herself): I talk to a healer who has taught me so much. her name is Raven and she is an angel.

    Melanie Martinez
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Thank you for everything! My true nature is returning, thanks to all the *deep* healing work with you! <333
    I could not have done it alone, you have helped so immensely in so many ways, and I’m eternally grateful for all this deep deep healing! And all of your wisdom, love & support. And wow, just feels so lovely….yay. Glad to remember how this feels again. So much love!

    Katherine P.

  • I was definitely a self-proclaimed skeptic before I met Raven. I had never tried any type of spiritual healing or readings. I barely know how to meditate. Despite my doubts, during my energy balancing and healing session with Raven, I actually physically felt bad energy leaving my body. The first time, I felt a cloud leaving my mind. I also felt energy hovering over my chest and belly and later, a strong pull on my throat. I could not believe how in tune Raven was with my experiences. Processing the session with her, I felt as if she was able to understand my life on a deeper level even more so than with people I had known and loved for years. I had an answer to a nagging question and felt more sure and confident of my direction in the world. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I felt the most anxiety-free and in the present in years. Raven is one of the most kind, genuine, respectful and inspiring people I have met. I felt I could instantly trust her, connect with her and look to her for guidance and wisdom. I would 100% recommend her services, even to the greatest skeptic!

    Jessica Seline
    International Public Health Professional
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Thank you again so much for this morning. ❤It was wonderful meeting you today as well! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I am so very grateful and happy!

    I’ve been feeling, feeling tingles in my body and emotional release since session. Someone I met with after our session told me I seemed different today. In a good way. 😊

    I’m ready to work! Thank you!


  • I don’t have a lot of experiences with energy work and healing… But what a difference my session with Raven made! Professional and gentle, she listened and found the places to work on, giving me back my inner balance. I now walk around with a totally different experience, more perceptive and whole. Thank you, Raven, for your work!

    Sascha Wjinhoven
    Nijmegen, Netherlands

  • Raven is an AMAZING healer for all those needing guidance and healing, physical, emotional, and spiritual. ❤ She does extremely transnational work on stuff dating back to childhood, and before, or whatever is present at the current time.

    Beth I.
    Acupunture student
    Columbia, MD