Client Testimonials

  • I first met Raven back in 2008 when we both were attending the Body-Mind Institute in NY.  She casually mentioned then that she was a Shaman.  The following year I drew a reversed raven card, indicating that I was to seek out a Shaman.  I immediately thought of Raven, called her, and she undertook her first journey for me.  Since then I have treated myself to a journey every year for my birthday.  Each year Raven has returned with soul pieces who presented exactly those aspects of myself that needed to be healed and celebrated.  It was so extraordinary that I then began giving my teen age daughter a journey with Raven as her birthday present. I have witnessed my daughter also deepen and grow wiser from her sessions with Raven.  Both my daughter and I have birthdays coming up next month, and we both can’t wait to be surprised by what Raven will bring back for us.  Thank you Raven for the important spiritual role you play in our lives and that of so many others. God truly has gifted you and you have used those gifts in a generous manner to bless the lives of others!

    Ruth Ragovin
    Murray, Kentucky

  • Powerful. You are doing such important big beautiful multiverse work. Since the session, I’ve been feeling good, thank you. Body and spirit sooooo much clear!

    D.B. Greenbelt, MD

    Greenbelt, MD

  • My dog Herschel is my life and love. He is a poodle-bichon mix- full of black curls with tan eyebrows and tan paws. At 4 months old Herschel bumped into a situation that we were not sure he was going to be able to overcome: One morning Herschel did not yelp to come out of his crate per usual. Instead I went to get him and found him near lifeless laying in a puddle of vomit. I rushed him to the vet who gave him IV fluids and sent him home. Later in the evening his situation worsened and we ended up at a 24 animal hospital where they told me he had contracted Leptosperosis, a potentially fatal illness.

    Needless to say I was beside myself. The thought of losing the love of my life was unbearable. I knew I needed to reach out to everyone I could for help. Enter Raven. Raven met me at the animal hospital and came back into the treatment area. Herschel was cowered in the back of the crate with tubes and wires coming in and out of every which way. Raven performed her own form of energy healing on my sad sad baby. The energy was palpable. I know he felt it as much as I did. After Raven’s treatment, Herschel’s health started to make a miraculous turn for the better. Not only did Raven help Herschel’s body and spirit but she also helped me — gave me the positive energy I needed to pull my act together for my dog, too.

    Today Herschel is a happy and healthy 3 year old who brings joy and happiness to my every-day… I know I have Raven to thank for that. I am grateful there are people in the world like Raven- she possesses something very real and very powerful.

    Melanie Friedson (for Herschel)
    Washington, DC

  • Rhonda “Raven” Neuhaus journeyed with me a few days ago and the experience was beyond powerful. Energy movement, traveling, and even some past life work that certainly left me more open, aligned, and present. I can honestly say that the work I had done on me was among the best I’ve ever had, not only by another but by my own Universal movements too.

    Rhonda’s story is deep, authentic, calibrating, and as a bit of insight, she’s spent the last almost twenty years traveling the world with healing at her core. Her past work has been largely focused around disability rights internationally and in DC, and she brings a deeply humanitarian component to her work – seeking to align each better to themselves, as was the case for me.

    Worth every penny IMHO.


  • Raven was there for me with her spiral healing at one of the darkest moments of my life. It was one of the most powerful healings I had ever received. Full disclosure: I discovered myself pregnant at a time when I knew with my whole entire being that what I truly needed was to be birthing myself, my own dreams, my own visions into the universe. It simply wasn’t the right time to have a baby. But with all the self-healing I had been undergoing, I felt with such keen sensitivity the heartbreak of letting the life go. I felt her in my womb very deeply. I was in such turmoil, anguish, and guilt. I called Raven in distress, and within moments, she had tapped into the new soul’s voice. By listening both to the soul and to her helping spirits, she gave me the message that the child was here to stay in a body-less form, as my spirit guide and teacher, transmitting a very clear message that her soul had been with me through 9 lifetimes, that she had come to me at this time because I am on the precipice of a major transformation in my life. I was weeping with the deep heart-recognition of the truth of it all. Raven guided me to name her: I named her Lily. I had a chance to spend the day after the healing with Lily, visiting together with trees, and flowers, and sky. The morning of the procedure, Raven led me through a release of the physical body, making it clear again that it wasn’t goodbye. There was a lot of sadness, but I felt very much at peace. I can’t thank Raven enough: she took all my anguish and turned it into tenderness, openness, and hope. In this way, she was a spirit doula, not only for Lily, but a new born me as well.

    Washington, DC

  • Thanks so immensely much for everything, Raven! Feeling deeply held & supported, and more deeply home within myself than ever!! Ohhh my heart!!!! 💕💕I FEEL her!! Gratitude for your truly adept rebirthing facilitation! You’re most amazing my dear!!! {{{{hugs you like never before! Watch out!!!😂😂😂😍😍}}}

    K.A. Chesapeake, MD

  • You’ve got skills, girl! The work you are doing is amazing. Powerful.


    Lisa, Silver Spring, MD
    Greenbelt, MD

  • I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with me. I love and appreciate all you have done.