Client Testimonials

  • Weird and wonderful: last time I came to New York (before our session) I felt so overwhelmed and shut down. This time, I feel so at peace and wandering the streets seeing Spirit in everyone. LOL – what a change!!

    Las Vegas, NV

  • Thank you for everything! My true nature is returning, thanks to all the *deep* healing work with you! <333
    I could not have done it alone, you have helped so immensely in so many ways, and I’m eternally grateful for all this deep deep healing! And all of your wisdom, love & support. And wow, just feels so lovely….yay. Glad to remember how this feels again. So much love!

    Katherine P.

  • She is Phenomenal! I honestly have not felt a hands on healing like yours even in the first 5 minutes. I felt a new possibility for a clearer energy. Raven’s energy healing is like that I have never felt before – very unifying so I can receive spiritual messages better. I became addicted right away. I’m very grateful.

    Noelani Rodriguez
    Portland, Oregon

  • Raven is an extremely gifted healer and medium. Utilizing her extensive intuitive skills and her connections to the spirit realm, she effectively provides a powerful healing experience of body and spirit. Sessions with Raven have been powerful tools on my spiritual journey, both from the in-session healing and from the clarity provided about what I need to focus on moving forward. It is also amazing to hear about my past lives, especially how they connect to other people and entities with whom I am already familiar in this life. I am so very blessed to have Raven in my life as such a talented close friend. I highly recommend her to anyone — you will be blown away!

    Elizabeth Ella Schwartz
    Denver, Colorado

  • Hi, my name is Anja and I’ve been working with Raven for over a year now. As a wholistic practitioner myself, I’ve worked with a lot of wholistic healers over the years and I have to say that no one even comes close to the level of depth that Raven has the capacity to take you to. She has a way to guide you through and to those levels of your soul that need transformation in the most beautiful and amazing ways! She does not stay at the surface and that’s what I love about her – the depths she will take you to. I’ve never worked with a wholistic practitioner before who has taken me so deep. I’m so grateful for the transformations that have happened in my life and for Raven and the healing work that she provides. If you are not afraid (and ready) to go to that level of depths, then you should definitely explore working with Raven. She is AMAZING and has transformed my life in so many beautiful ways. Thank you!

    Anja Hollinger
    Children's Yoga instructor; IT professional; Healer
    Centreville, VA

  • In my first session, Raven went right to the heart of my core issues. She shed light on them immediately with a past life memory, helped me move a ton of energy, gave me incredible insights and a new way to look at my major obstacles. Three weeks later, I am still processing, releasing, and integrating what we did. I am relinquishing layers of emotions and patterns that continue to surface, and Raven’s reading has corroborated and complemented healing sessions I have had with other practitioners since the session. I am gaining courage and confidence every day, better able to prepare and move forward into my next chapter. I feel a deep appreciation for the sophistication and power of Raven’s work and look forward to more sessions with her in the future.

    Noel Schroeder
    Intuitive Designer/Artist & Owner of Moodrising Designs
    Fremont, NH

  • I am writing this in deep gratitude to you Raven for the assistance that you provided me with today. I am having lunch outside enjoying nature with a deeper connection thanks to the clearing work that you did for me today. I am more grounded, I have a greater sense of peace and freedom. Our session exceeded my expectations and I am glad that we ended up doing 2 hours. You are a very gifted, compassionate and kind soul. Thank you.

    A. Fauster, Maryland/Hawaii

  • Raven’s insight, intuition and healing touch has been a great help to me in sorting out emotional reasons for physical manifestation of pain in my body… I highly recommend trying a session with Raven.

    Terry Rubin
    San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala