Client Testimonials

  • Raven’s insight, intuition and healing touch has been a great help to me in sorting out emotional reasons for physical manifestation of pain in my body… I highly recommend trying a session with Raven.

    Terry Rubin
    San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

  • Note: a different kind of testimonial and still one I desire to share here.

    I had come to meet a new friend with an old soul. Raven has been flying around Eden for many moons. She seen things and has vision which spans dimensions. I had met her in contact improv Jam–a mystical playground where old souls dance.

    We met to compare notes and share insights into consciousness and humanities predicament. This election has stirred up souls and we collectively sit on the doorway to the dark night.

    Raven is an amazing woman. In her previous life she had been a lawyer lobbying and promoting rights for people with disabilities. However, several years ago after confronting her own dark night, she elected to go another route and now works with consciousness and as a medium to other dimensions. She runs a business called Spiral Healing by Raven

    I came to her not as a client but a fellow traveler on the mystical circuit seeking to understand what spirit is saying about the current state of affairs. We had an intense dialogue about President elect Trump and collectively intuited that he embodies both the collective ego and harbors the spirit of the goddess Kali.

    This certainly came as a shock to both of us so if you are chuckling, you are in good company. I am no expert on goddesses but this is actually a good thing; this battle of ego vs kali is not to be missed.

    Nevertheless this is not a reality show–we can not simply watch as events unfold. Donald is something akin to collective ego. As we work individually on our own egoic transformation–the world shifts.

    We will not change Donald by simply protesting and writing letters. This period calls for everyone to do transformative work. It is a time of action and so letters and traditional avenues of change remain open.

    Ultimately this process is a collective spiritual process that we must all engage with. You do not need to find a guru or change the spiritual tradition with which you are comfortable.

    Go within🙏🏽if you need help Raven can give you guidance–if you want to bead contact me💙

    As raven and I were taking I made her a bracelet. A combination of hope and fear sealed with the breath of life and a spiral to represent the Ein sof (a letter with no beginning or end)

    As I was sealing the prayer some glue dripped on the couch. We had just had a revelatory mystical experience and each of us quickly took steps to mitigate the damage to the couch. We still live in the material world and needs and desires need to be met.

    Nevertheless remember the time to worry about trivialities is not now–take action💙
    One love.

    Gil Rosen
    Bethesda, Maryland

  • I came to Raven with a very specific problem: for years I had become increasingly more emotionally disconnected, which was the result of living through a series of traumatic experiences. This form of coping through life left me unable to properly grieve losses and to be fully vulnerable with others.  Previous attempts to deconstruct my emotional walls through conventional therapy were only moderately successful, but not enough; I seemed to be strongly blocked on a deeper level internally.

    In the first few moments of our initial session, Raven placed her hands on mine and almost immediately I began to cry – something I had not been able to do for several years.  Knowing nothing about my past, and only assisted by her spirit guides and intuitive gifts, Raven was able to pinpoint specific dates and moments in my life that were pivotal in the formation of my emotional walls.  Many of these were instances that very few people in my life even knew about. From that point forward, each session, and the tools she gave me to work with on my own, helped me to become more in touch with the buried pain of my past and to tear down a significant portion of the emotional walls I’d surrounded myself with.

    As a result I have become less stressed, less anxious, more open with others, and have begun to view the pieces and places of my life journey thus far in a way I had been unable to see them before. While I’m still in the midst of my own journey of healing and self-discovery, I can honestly say that without Raven’s help I would still be wandering around aimlessly trying to find a way to begin.

    Whether you have specific problems or not, I highly recommend having a few sessions with Raven, as even the smallest benefits from them will make a significantly positive impact in your life. The tools and exercises she has given me are ones I use almost every day, not just in pursuit of my own healing, but to help dissipate and balance out the effects of the stresses of life and various events.

    Mike Carson
    Visual Designer
    Long Beach, CA

  • Before you arrived, I’ve been going through a dark period in my life. I was closed and didn’t see the light – was always sad. I felt like I was never going to be happy. I felt that I didn’t know who I am. When you worked on me, I felt clear. I felt your energy. Now it’s different. I feel better. I feel what you do. I’m very open. I respect you a lot. You have a gift. It is special for me. We are sisters. Thank you so much.

    (Translated from Spanish)

    Mayan Curandera/Healer/Spiritual Guide
    Atitlan, Guatemala

  • Sharing a testimonial of how powerful sessions with Raven can be! She is my go-to person when I need wisdom and perspective beyond the day-to-day nitty-gritty of so-called “reality.” Raven is able to tap into higher frequencies and bring down concrete information to transcend blocks and experience more Flow.

    Brecken Bhakti Chinn
    Tuscon, Arizona

  • I slept last night pain-free for the 1st time in months. When you picked up on “stability”, and instability in my body, something shifted and clicked within me. When I awoke, as discussed, I had a conversation with my higher self and released my fears, and commit to this new found trust in my stability. My hip pain has decreased by nearly 100%.  I feel only a twinge of sensitivity in my hip. Thank you!!

    Shawna, Orotina, Costa Rica

  • Thank you Raven! I couldn’t have made a major shift in my life without your help. Feels amazing to be seen and knowing that I deserve it. Things old patterns are hard to break.. I can’t imagine doing it solo; eternally grateful for you!

    Joanna Fisher, Naturopathic Doctor, Portland, Oregon

  • Now is a time for deep healing on an individual and collective level as things that have been hidden in the shadow and running in the background are emerging to be seen and addressed. If you are feeling out of sorts, and stuff is coming up for you, now may be the time to clear it.

    If you are looking for a way to expedite your healing process and you have tried the usual ways with no avail, I want to express my sincere and recommendation to connect with my dear friend Raven, a gifted healer and intuitive who works on a deep energetic level that goes so beyond this physical realm.

    She has access to information and guidance that one simply can not teach or learn. Far beyond Reiki, the work that Raven does crosses over into the Shamanic work of journeying and soul retrieval to energetic layers of the body and mind, back through lifetimes and out into the stars.

    If you are ready to release pain and suffering, Raven can help you to become aware and to unravel and unblock energy patterns that may be keeping patterns in place on multiple levels, be it emotional, physical, mental or energetic. She has a profound connection to the soul level and to guidance in other realms and is a gifted channel.

    To find words to describe her seems like an unachievable task so I will simply express my heart-felt love and gratitude for her presence in my life, and my sincere recommendation to any of you, or those you may know, who are ready to look beyond traditional modalities and explore what is going on behind the scenes, underneath the symptoms you are experiencing.

    I put this out there with the intention that any of you who may be suffering or struggling know that you are not alone. We live in strange times and right now is a time of true reflection, an opportunity to look at what is really going on. It is a time of clearing.

    In addition to my personal experience working with her, I have seen her help friends who suffered for years with physical ailments not treated by western medicine, on the verge of surgery, have their symptoms relieved in just a few sessions with her. It really is amazing to see how much can shift in just a few sessions.

    It is my honor to support Raven in her path and to proudly shout how much I admire and appreciate her and her gifts and I want you all – my friends – to know she is there to support you on your journey should you feel called to work with her.

    Raven is ready to assist those who are ready to heal. She can schedule sessions in Greenbelt, MD or by phone or Skype.

    Amy Melrose
    Washington, DC