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Take space…literally.

I’m seeing so many people — including myself — needing to take space these days. A lot of looking backwards at our life, revisiting old wounds, childhood, and patterns — with the aim of freeing ourselves. I know I’m feeling it. I’m also always acutely aware of noise and my physical space.

This week I have found myself nesting in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. It’s an amazing town — full of life, spirit, and much activity. It’s also been “fair week” with fireworks, and “bombas” constantly going off; with music blaring into the night. It’s both festive and also way too much noise for me. I also wasn’t feeling great physically. So, in that space, a few days ago, I landed at a beautiful kirtan — music -singing-chanting– event! Wonderful folks – and I was very aware of my space needs. Sitting in the group just felt *close* in that moment of heightened sensitivity. So, I made a choice to step away from the crowd and land on a hammock 100 meters away. I could still hear and take in (and give back) the beautiful tunes and joy from the group, and also self-care. I always believe there is a win-win in staying true to your body, your needs in any given moment, and things you want to do socially as well. Listening to your body is key.

Are you listening to your body today? What is it saying?

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