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Soft Guatemala landings…

As I land into San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala this morning and wake up in a new town, new space, I calibrate. Feeling my body actually land and acclimate on a cellular level. What a cool and weird feeling to be aware of, and it happens all the time.

A friend asked me what is Lesson #1. I shared:

– Return return return to the mystery. Not a new lesson and returning.

– Remembering that travel is not an escape – I’m still here – moment by moment.

– Opening to the magic through the fears and voices of inadequacies.

– Realizing how different I am from other times…and taking in that recognition/awareness.

– Moving from the love of all.

Despite things arising on the physical plane, remembering the larger holding. Not only trusting in it- leaning into it. Scary and exhilarating. Practicing. In this moment…hearing the wind on the babana trees and flowers and bamboo. Some music in one direction. Some chatter in another. Balmy humid warmth. Breath. Taking note of what’s around me with all of my senses. Awake. Here.

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