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Openings and sharing – Something Big

As an intuitive and channel, I receive information/downloads. I see, hear and feel information and energy. It is time to share what comes in the form of downloads, guidance and information. I will now start sharing information received. Feel free to follow if you wish here on the Spiral Writings page.


Something big is coming…is here. It’s been coming for months. Feeling it enter our systems, giving me information, guidance, clues. Today, my head is expanding and exploding outward. I’m held in a suspended space — a corridor of light and energy holding me tightly in connection with the above. Immobile as it does its job.

We are collectively expanding. Relationships we hold will be tested so that those who are in your growth collective will congregate in the collective awakening. The system has collapsed. We are now living in a space both unknown and very old. It’s asking us to awaken. As simple as that. To FEEL. To feel our bodies. To feel the energy around us. To REMEMBER — NOW. It is time. There is no more hiding. No more pretense.

Today, I tremble. I almost feel immobile. I know and believe others around and connected are feeling similarly. There are serious shifts happening which cannot be refuted anymore. Frequency changes are real. Are here. And, we ALL have access. This is what must be known – there is no one who cannot feel, only those who do not yet.

We have abuse and trauma, and politics and the playing out of the after-effects of a ball being thrown but then still traveling through space without new inputs. This is where we are today. The old systems have collapsed. The question then becomes what is the timeline for it’s unwinding – 5, 10, 50 year…more? This is the time of recapturing and rebalancing the feminine. The divine.

Multidimensional realities are becoming more common. Even individuals who do not seem like would have access to this world are opening to these spaces, astral travel, without conscious awareness – until it’s there and questions arise. This is the awakening. Right here, right now. We feel first, then see– later *understand*.

We are moving in between worlds. 3d, 5d….on the surface it may appear as depression, lethargy, inactivity, exhaustion — and this is what is needed to burn off the old. To then use what is left as fuel for the new, for the rebalance.

The next 3 weeks will have us attune to a new level of frequency we have yet to encounter consciously. Lives will be changed, shifted. Head spaces (back of our heads) opened and aligned in new ways. Return will not be possible, nor desired. Now is the time to open to light and the information to be opened. There is no choice for those who are ready. Set your dials to Love. To change. To surrender.

This time will confront everything. Our fears. Our terrors. Our security. And, it must be done. This activation is for the ready.

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