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Always an empath…

Do you feel everything moving, shifting, exploding in the unknown?

As an intuitive and empath, I feel everything. I didn’t sleep last night – at all – but I had a long deep meditative journey behind words. I signed a petition to save Tibetan Rivers. I connected w friend in Sweden on the path. I cuddled a doggie. I felt solar flares move through, enliven my body and bathed in new moon energy. I listened to Guatemala City waking up. I visioned. I held anger, grief for politics and this world witnessing it flow through. I prayed for the people with disabilities and seniors unable to vote in Puerto Rico and tear gassed in Bolivia; felt through some of the Stanford rape and a killing of a woman in Pakistan who was lit on fire for refusing a proposal – and what these acts energetically and physically perpetuate in the world. I allowed love to flood my cells and surrendered to trust. I pondered in an altered space how we hold varying “realities” and cosmic shifts simultaneously. I vibrated and tuned in with what’s beaconing me. I allowed myself to be as I wrote a bit. No, I didn’t sleep at all last night – it was full – and I think I just lived a lifetime in a night.

May any of you experiencing new chaotic energies be held. I am here, if you desire. Many blessings. <3

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