Who is Raven?

Raven Sitting with Her FluteRaven brings to her practice nearly 20 years of spiritual practice in the areas of Native American ritual, Buddhism, Hindhuism, Paganism and more.  She began doing energy work in 1996 when she realized that friends responded positively to her healing touch. Each modality that she has since acquired has been a gift and has sought her.

Between 2002-03, Raven entered a year-long illness and eventual healing journey.  Physically declining and with western medical practitioners unable to find a cause, she began a healing journey leading from Shamans to practitioners of a variety of eastern and non-traditional traditions.  Mixed with much work on herself, she eventually emerged healthy — the gift of that year-long journey was finding herself as a healer in the modalities she encountered.

Since that time she has continued to study and go deeper into her work and gift.  Raven has always believed there is more than what can be seen.  She believes in blending the physical with the spiritual in all of her healing.